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13G pu coated A2 cut resistant gloves

Bulk buy/wholesale/custom A2 cut resistant gloves
Item No. A25301
Size 7-12, S-XXL
MOQ 6000 pairs
Payment term TT or LC at sight
Leadtime 45-50days
Package OEM

Product Details

13G pu coated A2 cut resistant gloves

Cut Resistant Grade A2 or Cut B
Liner 13G glass fiber/ nylon
Coating PU / Polyurethane
Coating Type Palm
Performance level EN388:2016 4X42B
Normal Package 1 pair/polybag, 12 pairs/polybag, 120 pairs/carton
OEM Gloves color, Coating color, Logo, Package



☑ Cut resistant – A2 supply light cut resistant

☑ FLEXIBLE NO-SLIP GRIP – PU coated palms provide strong but flexible grip

☑ Touch Screen – support swipe, tap and type on smartphones and tablets

☑ Comfortable – 13G nylon keeps gloves breathable



Why Choose Us?

Our relentless emphasis is on quality, and it transcends the production stage, commencing with the meticulous selection of raw materials. This steadfast dedication ensures the exceptional quality of our gloves, which in turn garners significant acclaim from our customers and the final consumers, thereby enabling our clients to realize increased profits.



We developed an original temperature and humidity-controlled covering workshop for yarn covering. Prior to covering yarn, all yarns are carefully balanced in this chamber for at least 48 hours to acclimate to the environment. This meticulous process ensures that our gloves exhibit exceptional durability and tear resistance.

HPPE fibers begins at the procurement stage, where we prioritize raw material quality. We specifically choose HPPE fibers of intermediate the most stable cut grade to ensure the consistent cut levels in our bulk glove orders.

When it comes to STEEL fiber, we procure steel wires that are not only higher in strength but also finer in texture. This ensures not only the desired cut level but also provides a softer and more comfortable feel in our gloves.


※Gloves liner knitting 

Our inventory of 300 weaving machines allows us to concurrently meet the weaving needs for glove cores with varying gauges from 10G to 21G, employing a diverse range of materials.

Our glove cores are distinguished by their soft, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing attributes, garnering recognition from esteemed global brands.


※Imported PU 

Givensafety’s dedication to high-quality rubber is the key to unlocking gloves with superior wear resistance and tear resilience.

This commitment is exemplified by the use of imported PFT rubber for PU coated work gloves.

These choices contribute to the prolonged lifespan of Givensafety gloves, gaining the approval of end-users and empowering our clients to cultivate loyal customer relationships.


※Production Lines

Givensafety is equipped with two state-of-the-art factories featuring a total of eight fully automated production lines to accommodate a wide array of coated glove manufacturing needs.

These include nitrile gloves with smooth or textured finishes, nitrile foam gloves, PU-coated gloves, latex gloves with a wrinkled finish, and latex foam gloves.

We offer standard glove molds ranging from size 6 to 11, and wrist length adjustments can be tailored to customer or consumer preferences to meet size requirements in different areas. Significantly, our nitrile and PU coating lines operate in entirely separate workshops.


※Experienced Workers

The artisans in our factory have dedicated more than 5 years to perfecting the art of rubber compound preparation, with a focus on delivering high-quality work gloves.

They maintain a strong commitment to upholding the stability and excellence of glove quality by actively preventing issues that may arise during production.


※Quality Control

Throughout the production process, we enforce a rigorous quality control regimen, ensuring that gloves that don’t meet our criteria are prevented from proceeding to the next production phase.

Prior to packaging, we meticulously examine every glove, paying close attention to water-wash labels, logos, edge seams, hang tags, and packaging bags.



Our standard delivery timeframe is 45-50 days, and nearly all orders, approximately 95%, are fulfilled either on time or ahead of schedule.


※Professional sales team

Our sales team is well-endowed with an extensive understanding of our products, industry dynamics, and a remarkable track record of over 15 years in export. They have a firm grip on import regulations and the essential paperwork across various nations, guaranteeing that our interactions with clients are quick, productive, and seamless.

Once orders are confirmed, we make it a point to regularly update our customers on the status of their orders. We extend our support by helping customers secure cargo bookings, organizing shipping logistics, and delivering the required customs clearance documents. Our goal is to ensure that customers can relax in their partnership with us.



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