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13G sandy nitrile coated A6 cut resistant thermal gloves

Bulk buy/wholesale/custom A6 cut resistant gloves
Item No. A63301
Size 7-12, S-XXL
MOQ 6000 pairs
Payment term TT or LC at sight
Leadtime 45-50days
Package OEM

Product Details

13G sandy nitrile coated A6 cut resistant thermal gloves

Cut Resistant Grade A6 or Cut F
Liner 13G Acrylic/Glass fiber/steel
Coating Sandy nitrile
Coating Type Palm
Performance level EN388:2016 4X44F
Normal Package 1 pair/polybag, 12 pairs/polybag, 120 pairs/carton
OEM Gloves color, Coating color, Logo, Package



☑ It is suited for cold weather

☑ The gloves are designed with a cut-resistant A6 grade material, offering ample protection against cuts and slashes

☑ They possess excellent resistance to abrasion and punctures, ensuring durability and longevity

☑ The palm of the gloves features a sandy nitrile coating, which provides an exceptional grip in various conditions, including dry, oily, or wet surfaces

☑ Moreover, these gloves are equipped with touchscreen capabilities, allowing you to use electronic devices without the need to remove them

☑ The gloves are constructed using a seamless 13-gauge design, enhancing comfort and dexterity for improved performance


Why Choose Us?

Our unwavering commitment has always been to quality, extending beyond the production of orders and beginning right from the procurement of raw materials. This focus ensures the quality of our gloves, earning high recognition from both our customers and end consumers, ultimately aiding our clients in achieving greater profits.



We’ve pioneered a unique temperature and humidity-stable covering workshop for yarn. All yarn undergoes a 48-hour equilibration period in this workshop before covering to adapt to the environment, ensuring optimal yarn tension. This contributes to enhanced glove durability and tear resistance.


When it comes to HPPE fibers, we place a special emphasis on raw material quality during procurement. We selectively source middle HPPE fibers of the most stable cut grade to ensure consistent cut levels in our bulk glove production.


Our STEEL fiber sourcing involves acquiring steel wires with increased strength while maintaining a finer gauge. This strategy secures the required cut level and offers a softer, more comfortable feel in our gloves.


※Gloves liner knitting

We possess a fleet of 300 weaving machines, capable of simultaneously fulfilling the diverse weaving demands for glove cores with varying gauges from 10G to 21G and utilizing different materials. Our glove cores are renowned for their soft, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing qualities, earning recognition from globally acclaimed brands.


※Nitrile rubber 

Only through the use of high-quality rubber can gloves attain enhanced durability and tear resistance.

Givensafety adheres to this principle, utilizing imported rubber for their gloves, including Taiwanese and Korean nitrile rubber for nitrile gloves, PFT rubber for PU gloves, and latex from Thailand and Malaysia. This dedication leads to Givensafety gloves having a longer lifespan, earning recognition from end-users, and assisting our clients in building a loyal customer base.


※Production Lines

Givensafety presently operates two factories equipped with eight fully automated production lines to cater to diverse coated glove manufacturing requirements.

These encompass nitrile smooth finish, nitrile sandpaper finish, nitrile foam, PU coating, latex wrinkled finish, and latex foam gloves.

We provide standard glove molds in sizes 6 to 11 and can adjust wrist length based on customer or consumer preferences to meet size requirements in different regions. Crucially, our nitrile and PU coating lines operate in separate, dedicated facilities.


※Experienced Workers

Our rubber dipping artisans have a minimum of 5 years’ expertise in rubber compound preparation, committed to producing superior work gloves.

With continuous work in the front-line production workshop, they have gained an intimate knowledge of potential defects that can arise during the glove-dipping process.

They are well-versed in identifying and mitigating potential issues in glove quality during the production process.

Their wealth of experience ensures the consistency and excellence of our glove quality.


※Quality Control

We have a stringent quality control system in place, with every step of the production process requiring inspection, ensuring that substandard gloves do not progress to the next stage.


Prior to packaging, we subject each pair of gloves to a more rigorous examination, covering details such as water wash labels, logos, edge stitching, hanging tags, and packaging bags.



Our typical delivery lead time falls within the range of 45-50 days, with the majority of orders being delivered on schedule, or even ahead of time.


※Professional Sales Team

Our sales team is enriched with profound product knowledge, industry insights, and more than 15 years of export experience. They are familiar with import regulations and necessary paperwork in diverse countries, ensuring prompt, effective, and smooth communication with clients.

Following order confirmation, we regularly keep our customers informed about the status of their orders. We also offer support in booking shipping space, coordinating shipments, and furnishing necessary customs clearance documentation. This commitment ensures that our customers can trust in a worry-free partnership with us.


Electrical manufacturing, automotive, construction, glass handling, arching, metal handling, metal stamping, paper making

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