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Trusted heat resistant gloves manufacturer & supplier in china

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heat resistant gloves

In many hot environments, such as metal casting, cooking and grilling, hands are very easy to be scalded or burned. At this time, we need a pair of suitable heat proof gloves to protect the hands from high temperature damage, and at the same time reduce heat transfer to the hands and improve work efficiency.

Givensafety is a top 10 safety gloves manufacturer in China and we are very proficient at heat proof gloves. Please continue to check out this page to see what types of heat protection gloves we can provide for glove brands or glove importers and how to custom a unique heat resistant glove.

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What type of heat resistant gloves we can produce for you

Givensafety Gloves is a professional work gloves manufacturer and we are very familiar with every step of manufacturing heat resistant gloves. Wholesale or custom different heat resistant gloves in bulk is our daily work. If you also have a project for fireproof gloves, please contact us.

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how to custom your heat resisitant gloves?

There are many types of heat resistant gloves, such as heat resistant gloves for oven , for griling, for soldering or for hair styling.
Regardless of the type of heat proof gloves, they are basically made of a combination of four materials: cotton, leather, aramid, and silicone.
The acceptable temperature of fire resistant gloves is different for different materials. Givensafety is a manufacturer of heat resistant gloves and if you want to custom your heat resistant gloves, you can refer to the following steps:

Tell Us Your Heat Resistant Gloves Requirements

To begin with, we need to have a full communication for the industry, the temperature range and the application environment of the heat proof gloves. This way we can properly assess the damage of high temperatures and then select the corresponding type of heat resistant gloves.

In addition, let us know your budget. We will help you custom the best heat resistant gloves within your budget.

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Start making your heat resistant gloves

1. Combination of different heat resistant glove liners.
Pure aramid, aramid + cowhide, aramid + PU coating
Pure cotton, cotton + aramid, cotton + leather
Pure silicone, aramid+silicone, aramid+cotton+silicone
Different glove liners can have different stitch counts, such as 7, 10, 13, etc. Different glove liners provide different levels of high temperature protection.

2. Combination of different glove factors.
The size, weight, thickness, silicone pattern, hook and loop, logo, packaging, etc. of heat resistant gloves can be designed flexibly according to your requirements.

3. Strict quality control.
Each step of our glove production has a special person in charge of quality inspection. Doing our best to ensure the high quality of the gloves has been our first working belief.

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Some Key Points About Heat Resistant Gloves

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the protection of their hands, so heat resistant gloves are becoming more and more popular. Givensafety is a leading manufacturer of heat proof gloves and below we have listed some key points about heat proof gloves.


Can you provide free samples of heat resistant gloves?

Yes, we can provide free samples of different types of heat resistant gloves, such as oven gloves, barbecue gloves, aramid gloves, silicone gloves, etc.

How Long Does it Take To Send Samples?

Normally, it will take 10-15 days.

What is The Minimum Order Quantity For heat Resistant Gloves?

2400 pairs

what type of gloves provide thermal protection?

Our common safety gloves can provide a certain degree of heat resistance, only some safety gloves can withstand a higher temperature, some safety gloves such as disposable rubber gloves can only withstand a very low temperature.

However, if our hands in a specific high temperature environment, such as barbecue, baking, then we have to need a pair of real heat-resistant gloves to protect hands from the heat. Oven gloves, barbecue gloves, aramid gloves, silicone gloves, welding gloves can basically meet the high temperature protection in work and life, they can withstand 100-800 degrees.

How to choose heat resistant gloves?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right heat resistant gloves:

1. Working environment: Different working environments have different requirements for heat-resistant gloves. For example, if there is strong heat radiation in the working environment, it is necessary to choose gloves that can effectively reflect heat radiation, such as aluminum foil gloves. If you need to directly contact objects under high temperature, you need to choose gloves with heat insulation function, such as aramid heat-resistant gloves.

2. Glove material: The material of heat resistant gloves also needs attention. Generally speaking, the material of high temperature resistant gloves needs to have the following characteristics: high temperature resistance, heat insulation, wear resistance, cut resistance, etc. Common high temperature resistant glove materials include aramid, cotton, glass fiber, etc.

3. Glove thickness: The thickness of heat protection gloves is also a factor to consider. Generally speaking, thicker gloves can provide better heat insulation and protection, but at the same time, it will affect the operational flexibility and service life. Therefore, you need to choose the appropriate thickness according to your work needs and actual situation.

4. Glove size: Heat-resistant gloves also need to be the right size. If the glove is too tight, it will affect the maneuverability, if the glove is too loose, it may slip or affect the heat insulation effect. Therefore, you need to choose the appropriate size according to your hand size.

5. Glove price: The price of heat-resistant gloves is also a factor to consider. The price of heat-resistant gloves can vary greatly by brand and material. You need to choose the right glove price according to your budget and actual needs.

All in all, choosing the right heat proof gloves requires consideration of multiple factors, including the working environment, glove material, thickness, size, and price. You need to choose the right type of gloves according to your actual needs and situation.

what is en407?

 EN407 is the recognized international standard for heat resistant gloves. It is a standard developed in Europe and uses degrees Celsius to mark temperature values. EN407:2004 consists of six separate tests, namely: Burning Behaviour, Contact Heat, Convective Heat, Radiant Heat, Small Drops Molten Metal. Each test can be divided into 4 levels, with 1 being the lowest level and 4 being the highest level. If the glove has not been tested for a particular thermal property, it is marked with an X. If the test fails, it is marked with a 0.



EN407 was updated in 2020 with a new version that we call EN407:2020. EN407:2020 has 3 significant changes compared to EN407:2004:

1. The scope of application has been expanded.
EN407:2004 only applies to safety gloves with protection against heat risks, while EN407:2020 adds microwave oven gloves, oven and other household heat-resistant gloves and some arm heat-resistant equipment.

2. Updated the test method.
Limited Flame Spread test method from the original EN ISO 6491 updated to EN ISO 15025:2016.
Contact Heat test method from the original EN 702 updated to EN ISO 1217:2015.
Convective Heat test method from the original EN367 updated to EN ISO 9151:2016.
Tear Resistance test method updated from EN 388 to EN 407:2020,6.8.

3、Added new product marking.
EN407:2020 products not only have the “flame” pictogram (left), but also add the pictogram (right) to indicate whether the heat-resistant gloves are flame resistant. If the flame resistance of heat-resistant gloves meets at least level 1, then use the “flame” pictogram, otherwise use the pictogram on the right.

    EN407 flame pictogramEN407flame resistant pictogram

are leather gloves heat resistant?

Leather gloves are heat resistant, and different materials can withstand different temperatures. Many welding gloves that are resistant to high temperatures are made of leather.

What is the working principle of heat resistant gloves?

The heat resistance of gloves is mainly achieved through material selection and structural design. Generally speaking, heat-resistant gloves will use some heat-resistant materials, such as aramid, leather, cotton, etc. These materials will be stacked together in the structural design of the glove to form a multi-layer heat-resistant structure, which can effectively block the high temperature outside.

What applications can heat resistant gloves be used for?

Heat-resistant gloves can be used in various high-temperature environments, such as boiler workers, welders, high-temperature pipeline maintenance workers, etc. In addition, it can also be used in kitchen, food processing, metal casting, electronics industry and other fields.

Givensafety gloves

Heat resistant gloves are essential personal protective equipment in hot environments to protect the hands from the heat. If you are a brand owner, importer or wholesaler of safety gloves, please feel free to contact us if you want to custom high quality heat resistant gloves.

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