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Attractive PU Coated gloves manufacturer & supplier in china

PU gloves factory and company, one-stop OEM service
More than 15 years experience in manufacturing PU coated gloves
Wide range of PU coated gloves to choose from
Sample design and production within 15 days
Accept small trial orders

What type of PU coated gloves we can produce for you

Polyurethane (pu) gloves are a very common type of work gloves in our daily life. Among all the types of PU gloves we specialize most in PU coated gloves. If you want to buy, wholesale or custom PU coated gloves in bulk, please feel free to contact us. We can manufacture the best PU coated gloves for you within your budget.

13G Nylon PU Gloves

Manufacturing Process:
The 13G nylon gloves are knitted, and then a layer of PU resin is applied to the fingers or palm area. This process enhances the gloves’ grip and thermal insulation properties, making PU gloves indispensable for precision electronic production lines.

The 13G Nylon PU gloves provide a combination of functionality and comfort. The PU coating enhances grip, prevents slippage, and improves productivity by reducing fingerprint residue. They also offer protection against contamination, heat, and wear, while allowing for excellent sweat absorption and breathability. The gloves’ elasticity ensures a close and comfortable fit for the user.

grey PU coated garden work gloves
anti-static PU gloves

13G anti static PU gloves

80% dust-free nylon yarn plus 20% high performance copper/carbon fiber weave;
Fingers or palms coated with PU resin.

1. PU coating with conductive resin to make the best anti-static effect, can avoid the operator’s fingers directly contact electrostatic sensitive components, and can safely discharge the human electrostatic charge carried by the operator.
2. It has good anti-slip, air permeability and wear resistance.
3. Surface resistance
10^7Ω-10^8Ω for carbon fiber
10^5Ω-10^6Ω of copper fiber

Cut resistant PU gloves

Different levels of cut-resistant glove liners;
Fingers or palms coated with PU resin.

The Cut-resistant PU Gloves are designed to provide superior protection against cuts and abrasions. The gloves feature cut-resistant liners that offer high strength and tear resistance, ensuring excellent cut protection. The palms are coated with PU, which not only enhances comfort, breathability, and flexibility but also provides anti-static properties. These gloves are ideal for tasks that require both cut resistance and dexterity, ensuring the safety and comfort of the wearer.

cut resistant level 5 PU gloves

PU coated gloves production workshop

knitting workshop

The automatic glove knitting machines can complete glove liners of different materials and different guage.

gloves knitting machines

dipping workshop

Fully automatic pu dipping line and experienced dipping workers make our PU coating quality better and stable.

PU gloves dipping line

Excellent service

TOP 10 pu coated gloves manufacturer & supplier in china

Givensaty gloves oem service

Quick response

1. Our company offers a 7/24 hour online and offline service. You can reach us at any time and get a quick answer to your questions.

2. Free samples within 10 days.

custom safety gloves

A Better Gloves Supplier

If you are selling PU coated gloves, you want to add new glove styles, or you are looking for a better quality PU gloves supplier, then Givensafety would be a good choice for you. We can produce high quality PU coated gloves of many types for you within your budget.

Givensafety gloves payment terms

Flexible Payment Terms

1. Various payment terms according to the order quantity

2. We give TT 60 days or LC 60 days payment support for customers with annual transaction volume of USD 3 million or more.

Easily view our wide range of work Gloves

TOP 10 work gloves manufacturer & supplier in china

Some Key Points About PU Gloves

PU gloves are made by fully covering the palm or fingers with a specially treated polyurethane (PU) coating. These gloves are known for their lightweight and thin construction, as well as their sweat absorption, breathability, and excellent grip performance. As a result, they have remained popular and in high demand in the field of hand protection. Listed below are some key points about polyurethane gloves.


Can you provide free samples of PU coated gloves?

Yes, we can provide free samples of PU coated gloves in about 10-15 days.

What is your MOQ for PU gloves?

Our MOQ is 2000 dozens, that means 24000 pairs.

What sizes you can supply for the PU gloves?

We have full hand models for the PU gloves.

So we can supply size 7-11, or size S, M.L.XL,XXL.

Can you produce the cut resistant pu gloves with reinforcement?

Yes, we can supply the PU gloves with reinforcement between the thumb with the customized color.

What are PU gloves?

PU gloves are a type of gloves that have a polyurethane (PU) coating on the palm or fingers. The PU coated gloves provides a light and thin coating with good grip, breathability and sweat absorption.

What are the advantages of PU gloves?

PU gloves have several advantages, including:

Good grip: The PU coating enhances the gloves’ grip, making them ideal for tasks that require dexterity and handling of small objects.

Breathability: PU gloves are breathable, allowing air circulation to keep the hands cool and comfortable.

Sweat absorption: The PU coating helps absorb sweat, preventing the hands from becoming slippery during work.

Thin and lightweight: PU gloves are thin and lightweight, providing a close fit and maximum tactile sensitivity.

Flexibility: The gloves offer flexibility, allowing for easy hand movement and dexterity.

What industries are PU gloves commonly used in?

PU gloves are widely used in various industries, including electronics, assembly work, automotive, manufacturing, construction, gardening, and general handling tasks. They are suitable for applications that require grip, precision, and protection against minor abrasions.

Can PU gloves protect against chemicals?

PU gloves offer some resistance to acids and alkaline substances, but their level of chemical resistance may vary depending on the specific glove and the chemicals involved. It is important to check the glove specifications or consult the manufacturer to ensure proper chemical protection for specific tasks.

Are PU gloves reusable?

PU gloves are typically designed for multiple uses. However, their durability may vary depending on factors such as the quality of the glove and the nature of the tasks performed. It is recommended to inspect the gloves regularly for signs of wear and tear and replace them when necessary.

Are PU gloves suitable for individuals with latex allergies?

Yes, PU gloves are a suitable alternative for individuals with latex allergies since they do not contain natural rubber latex proteins that can cause allergic reactions. However, it is always advisable to check the glove specifications to ensure they are explicitly labeled as latex-free.

Are PU gloves suitable for touch screen devices?

Yes, PU gloves are compatible with touch screen devices. The thin and flexible PU coating allows for accurate touch screen interaction without the need to remove the gloves.

Givensafety gloves

If you are looking for a more attractive manufacturer of pu gloves, then you can try to connect with Givensafety Gloves. Givensafety Gloves is a professional pu gloves company, which can produce more competitive pu gloves for you.

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