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Leading Winter Work Gloves Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Winter work gloves factory, one-stop OEM service
Over 15 years experience in manufacturing winter work gloves
Multiple gloves coating and liner options
Sample design and production within 15 days
Factory direct price, Small batch trial orders accepted

Do you know the consumers most focus point for the winter work gloves?

Based on Amazon the best selling, for winter work gloves, we found below top views from consumers.




Waterproof Material


water resistant internal cover – the inside material well protected the hands dry .



Fits comfortable.

Fits hands


this is great

Well Made


Use longer time

Good Quality


great glove at a great price .everything you would want in a winter glove.

What type of winter work gloves we can manufacture for you

Winter work gloves are our essential hand protection equipment in cold weather. If you have winter work gloves project, if you want to buy, wholesale or custom winter work gloves in bulk, please contact us.

Waterproof Winter Work Gloves

Chemical Resistant Winter Gloves

Leather Winter Work Gloves

Cut Resistant Winter Work Gloves

Heavy Duty Winter Work Gloves

heavy duty winter work gloves

men‘s winter work gloves

Winter work gloves production workshop

Givensafety is a manufacturer of winter work gloves, we can custom different types of winter work gloves, thermal working gloves for glove brands or wholesalers. The following is a brief introduction of our winter work gloves workshop.

R & D team

givensafety gloves R&D team

There are many types of winter work gloves and different types of work gloves require different materials. Givensafety‘s R&D team can quickly provide integrated solutions to meet different winter glove customization needs.

knitting workshop

gloves knitting machines

Our automatic knitting machines can provide different glove liners for winter work gloves, 10-panel, 13-panel, 15-panel, 18-panel and 21-panel. Experienced sewers can perfectly combine the lining and loop for a more comfortable fit on the hands.

Dipping Workshop

givensafety gloves dipping lines

Most winter work gloves contain a nitrile coating because the nitrile coating is waterproof and this keeps the inside of the glove dry. We are well versed in the manufacture of various coated gloves, which gives us the assurance of quality in our winter work gloves.

Excellent service

 TOP 10 winter work gloves manufacturer and supplier in China

Givensaty gloves oem service

Quick response

1. Our company offers a 7/24 hour online and offline service. You can reach us at any time and get a quick answer to your questions.

2. Free samples within 10 days.

custom safety gloves

Sourcing all at one place

We wholesale different types of winter work gloves in bulk, such as waterproof winter work gloves, thermal working gloves, thin warm gloves, men’s winter work gloves, women’s winter work gloves, leather winter work gloves, heavy duty winter work gloves, etc.

Givensafety gloves payment terms

Flexible Payment Terms

1. Various payment terms according to the order quantity

2. We give TT 60 days or LC 60 days payment support for customers with annual transaction volume of USD 3 million or more.

Easily view our wide range of work Gloves

 TOP 10 work gloves manufacturer and supplier in China

Some Key Points About Winter work Gloves

Givensafety Gloves is a professional winter gloves company, we can manufacture the best winter work gloves according to customers’ needs and budget. Here are a few key points about wholesale winter work gloves.


Can you provide free samples of winter work gloves?

Yes, we offer samples of winter work gloves, and they are free of charge.

How Long Does it Take To Send Samples?

Usually 10-15 days.

What is The Minimum Order Quantity For winter work gloves?

500 dozen, that means 6000 pairs.

What type of winter work gloves can you offer?

Givensafety is a premium glove factory and winter work gloves are the type of gloves we often manufacture. Some glove importers often order nitrile coated winter work gloves from us. In fact, we can also manufacture other types of winter gloves, just tell us your requirements and we will provide professional advice to make your winter work gloves better.

What is the standard for winter gloves?

winter gloves standard en511EN511 is the commonly used winter glove/hot glove test standard to assess whether gloves provide protection against cold hazards.EN511 testing is divided into three main sections:

  • (a) Convective cold: It is used to test whether the glove is able to withstand the hazards of cold air. The test results are classified as 0-4. “0” means that the test is not passed, “4” represents the highest level of protection.
  • (b) Contact cold: It is used to test whether the glove can resist the hazards of cold objects. Test results are also divided into 0-4 levels. “0” means no test, “4” represents the highest level of protection.
  • (c) Water Permeability: It is used to test whether the glove is waterproof. The test result is divided into 0 and 1 level. “0” means the glove is not waterproof, “1” means the glove passed the test and has a waterproof function, which can keep the glove dry inside.
What are the materials of winter work gloves?

Common materials used for winter work gloves include leather, terry, cotton, wool, etc. Different materials have different characteristics, for example, leather gloves and coated gloves usually have better waterproof performance, while terry gloves have better warmth performance.

How to keep your hands safe with winter work gloves?

Winter work gloves need to have some basic safety and security features, such as anti-slip, anti-freeze, waterproof, etc.. When choosing gloves, you can choose gloves with the appropriate function according to the work requirements, for example, in cold storage and other cases where you need to strengthen the warmth can choose terry gloves.

How to clean and maintain winter work gloves?

Winter work gloves need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep them clean and in good condition. Depending on the material of the gloves, different cleaning methods and maintenance methods can be used. For example, cotton gloves can be washed with warm water and soap and then dried; leather gloves need to be kept dry and cannot be washed or bleached.

Givensafety gloves

Givensafety is a winter work gloves manufacturer and wholesaler supplier with more than 15 years of experience in gloves manufacturing. If you are looking for a better winter gloves factory, then please feel free to contact us.

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