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Excellent Waterproof work Gloves Manufacturer in China

Waterproof work gloves factory, one-stop OEM service
Over 15 years waterproof work gloves manufacturing experience
Free sample design and making within 15 days
Factory direct price, CE certificated
Accept small quantity trial order

What type of Waterproof work gloves we can supply for you

If you are an importer, brand owner or distributor of waterproof work gloves, you want to buy or wholesale waterproof gloves in bulk or you have a project for waterproof gloves, then you have come to the right place.Givensafety Gloves is an excellent work gloves manufacturer and we can produce the best waterproof work gloves for you.

based on functions, we can supply for you

Waterproof Winter Work Gloves

Waterproof Thermal Work Gloves

Waterproof Cut Resistant Gloves

Waterproof Breathable Work Gloves

based on functions, we can supply for you

Waterproof Fishing Gloves

Waterproof Hiking Gloves

Heavy Duty Waterproof Work Gloves

Lightweight Waterproof Work Gloves

based on functions, we can supply for you

Latex Coated Waterproof Gloves 

Nitrile Coated Waterproof Gloves

Why choose Givensafety as your waterproof gloves supplier?

TOP 5 waterproof work gloves manufacturer & supplier in china

gloves knitting machines

Advanced Gloves Knitting machines

1. We use the best materials for our glove yarns so that we can guarantee the quality of the gloves and all glove functions from the source.

2. We have more than 300 fully automatic glove knitting machines that can respond to your orders quickly.

3. These machines can finish 13G, 15G, 18G and 21G glove shells in different materials, which allows Givensafety to better meet your glove customization needs.

Gloves Dipping Line

high Dipping quality

1. Nitrile from Korea and Taiwan
    PU from the famous brand PFT
    Latex from Thailand

2. Fully automatic dipping line and technicians with 5 years of dipping experience ensure the best and most stable dipping quality.

If you want to have the best waterproof work gloves, then dipping technology is a factor you must consider when choosing a waterproof glove manufacturer. Because good dipping quality will make the gloves have higher water resistance, abrasion resistance and service life.

custom safety gloves

Custom waterproof work gloves

1. Tell us your needs and the glove functions that need to be realized.

2. Confirm the customized plan, including yarn, glove liner, dipping, packaging, etc.

3. Rapid proofing by the R&D team.

4. Quick production.

5. Packaging and delivery.

Gloves Quality Control

Strict Quality Control System

Given Safety now has two glove factories, where our respect for quality is present in every production process. Because quality is our first belief. Good product quality makes our partnership strong and lasting.

We will strictly check every pair of gloves for your bulk, so as to ensure all the bulk waterproof work gloves arrived to you are good quality.

impact gloves certification
C2504 half dipped blue nitrile coated gloves certification
C2503 fully coated blue nitrile gloves certification
gloves tear strenth test

Easily view our wide range of work Gloves

TOP 10 work gloves manufacturer & supplier in china

Some Key Points About waterpfoof work Gloves

Here are some key points about our collaboration and waterproof gloves. 

If you would like to learn more about our capabilities and waterproof gloves, please continue reading.


How long is the lead time of your waterproof work gloves?

Generally, the delivery time of our waterproof gloves is about 40 days. But sometimes the total amount of orders is very large and concentrated, and the delivery time may be extended by about 10 days.

What is your MOQ for waterproof work gloves?

Generally, the delivery time of our waterproof gloves is about 40 days. However, sometimes the total amount of orders is very large and concentrated, and the delivery time may be extended by about 10 days.

Can you provide samples of waterproof work gloves?

Yes, we can provide free samples. It will take about 10-15 days to produce and send out the samples.

Why do people use waterproof gloves?

Waterproof gloves are a kind of personal protective equipment. In our daily life and work, we often need to use waterproof gloves. For example, in cold or snowy weather, thermal waterproof gloves can not only keep our hands warm but also keep them dry. Waterproof gloves are also an essential tool for hand protection in a cleaning, kitchen or laundry room environment.

What materials are generally used for waterproof gloves?

Some waterproof gloves do not have a liner and are disposable.

Some waterproof gloves are lined with different yarns such as nylon, spandex, polyester, terry and even HPPE.
Regardless of the type, the water resistance of a glove is primarily determined by the coating on the palm or back of the glove. 

These coatings are usually made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber such as nitrile, neoprene, silicone, etc. In addition to rubber, some plastics are also good waterproof materials, such as PVC and PVA.

To sum up, natural rubber, nitrile, neoprene, silicone, PVC, etc. are common materials for waterproof gloves.

What types of waterproof gloves are there?

1. According to the frequency of use, it can be divided into disposable waterproof gloves and reusable waterproof gloves.

Disposable waterproof gloves are usually made of materials such as PVC and nitrile, and are suitable for low-risk, simple waterproof tasks.

Reusable waterproof gloves are usually made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other materials and are suitable for general waterproof tasks.

2. Waterproof gloves can be divided into many types according to their functions, which is also where waterproof gloves are very good.
Our common types of waterproof gloves are: waterproof winter gloves, thermal waterproof gloves, waterproof motorcycle gloves, thin waterproof gloves, leather waterproof gloves, insulated waterproof gloves, waterproof cycling/riding gloves, waterproof fishing gloves, waterproof hiking gloves and waterproof gardening gloves, etc.

3. We can also customize unique waterproof gloves for different groups of people. Such as toddler waterproof gloves, womens waterproof gloves, mens waterproof gloves, kids waterproof gloves, etc.

Givensafety is one of the top five waterproof gloves manufacturers in China, with 15 years of experience in waterproof work gloves production. Tell us your needs, let us quickly design and finish your waterproof work gloves.

How to ensure the production quality of waterproof gloves?

1. Select high-quality materials: Selecting high-quality, suitable glove materials can improve the quality of waterproof gloves. Natural rubber, synthetic rubber, PVC, nitrile, neoprene, silica gel, fluororubber and other materials have different characteristics and scope of application. Choose the appropriate glove material according to your needs and purposes.

2. Meticulous Design and Manufacture: The style, size and shape of the glove is carefully designed and manufactured to ensure the glove fit and comfort. A high-quality glove should be able to fit the hand completely without slipping or shifting during exercise, while ensuring the breathability and comfort of the glove.

3. Use advanced production technology: Advanced production technology can improve the quality and performance of waterproof gloves. For example, using modern waterproof technology, vulcanization technology, nanotechnology and other production processes can make gloves more durable, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

4. Strict quality control and testing: Strict quality control and testing can ensure the quality and performance of waterproof gloves. During the production process, multiple quality inspections and tests are carried out to ensure that the waterproof, abrasion resistance, elasticity and other properties of the gloves meet the standard requirements.

5. User Feedback and Improvements: User feedback and improvements can improve the quality and performance of waterproof gloves. By collecting user feedback, discover and solve problems in a timely manner, continuously improve and optimize the design and production process of gloves, and improve the quality and performance of waterproof gloves.

To sum up, improving the quality of waterproof gloves requires attention and optimization in many aspects, from material selection to production process, quality control testing and user feedback.

Givensafety gloves

If you are a glove brand owner or importer and you would like to custom your waterproof gloves, please feel free to contact us. We will use our advanced technology and manufacturing experience to produce the best waterproof work gloves for you within your budget.

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