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TOP 10 oil resistant gloves manufacturer & supplier in china

Over 15 years of oil resistant gloves OEM experience
Wide range of coating and yarn options
Sample design and making within 15 days
Factory direct price and free samples
Small batch trial orders accepted

What type of oil resistant gloves we can produce for you

We specialize in manufacturing or customizing different oil resistant gloves for glove importers, brand owners or distributors. If you have an oil resistant gloves item and you want to buy in bulk or wholesale oil resistant gloves, please contact us without hesitation. We make you the best oil resistant gloves within your budget.

Depending on the function, the oil gloves we can supply for you include:

The current working environment is very complicated. Many times, while protecting our hands from oil or chemicals, we also need to prevent our hands from being cut or hit. If you use oil-resistant gloves in a high-temperature environment, you also need oil resistant gloves with heat insulation to prevent our hands from being hurt by high temperatures.

Therefore, when we customize oil resistant gloves, we need to comprehensively consider the use environment of oil proof gloves. Givensafety has rich experience in customizing oil resistant gloves, if you are not sure how to design your oil resistant gloves, please feel free to contact us.

Oil and cut resistant gloves

oil resistant mechanic gloves

oil and heat resistant gloves

According to the coating, the oil gloves we can supply for you include:

NBR is produced from butadiene (H2C=CH-CH=CH2) and acrylonitrile (H2C=CH-CN) by emulsion polymerization, and has the properties of both substances. Butadiene gives nitrile its abrasion resistance and elasticity, and acrylonitrile gives nitrile its chemical resistance, especially oil resistance.

Therefore, most of the oil-resistant gloves currently on the market are made of nitrile, which are both oil-resistant and wear-resistant. Moreover, nitrile does not contain protein, and human skin will not have allergic reactions. It is non-toxic, harmless, durable, and has good adhesion.

If you have sales needs of oil-resistant gloves, please contact us.

Smooth nitrile coated oil resistant Gloves

Foam nitrile coated oil resistant Gloves

Sandy nitrile coated oil resistant Gloves

Foam nitrile dots oil resistant Gloves

How can we guarantee the quality of your Oil resistant gloves?

TOP 10 oil resistant gloves manufacturer & supplier in china

nitrile rubber

high quality raw materials

Glove liners: We use high-quality yarns to weave glove liners with different guage such as 13G, 15G, 18G, 21G, etc. on advanced knitting machines. At the same time, HPPE or glass fiber can also be added according to customer needs to increase the cut resistance of waterproof gloves.

Dipping Material: This is the key to our waterproof gloves. The main material of waterproof gloves is nitrile, and most of our nitrile comes from well-known brands in Korea and Taiwan. These high quality nitriles guarantee the water resistance and abrasion resistance of our gloves.

gloves dipping

high quality dipping

1. The nitrile used in our waterproof gloves comes from Korea or Taiwan. The quality of nitrile determines the water resistance and abrasion resistance of waterproof gloves.

2. Fully automatic dipping line and technicians with 5 years of dipping experience ensure the best and most stable dipping quality.

A good dipping quality will give the glove a higher abrasion resistance and service life.

Gloves Quality Control

Strict quality control system

Quality is Givensafety’s first working belief. It is precisely because of the high emphasis on product quality that Givensafety has gained market recognition and customer trust.

For so many years, the customer complaint rate of Givensafety waterproof gloves has not exceeded 3% because we have arranged special personnel to be responsible for quality inspection in every step of production.

impact gloves certification
C2504 half dipped blue nitrile coated gloves certification
C2503 fully coated blue nitrile gloves certification
gloves tear strenth test

Easily view our wide range of work Gloves

TOP 10 work gloves manufacturer & supplier in china

Some Key Points About Oil Resistant Gloves

Here are some key points about our collaboration and oil resistant gloves. 

These points were summarized by Givensafety, which has more than 15 years of experience in the production of cut resistant gloves.

If you would like to learn more about our capabilities and cut resistant gloves, please continue reading.


Can you provide free samples of Oil resistant gloves?

Yes, we can provide free samples of our oil resistant gloves. Our R&D team can quickly complete the design and prototype of your oil resistant gloves according to your needs.

How Long Does it Take To Send Samples?

Usually 10-15 days.

What is The Minimum Order Quantity For oil Resistant Gloves?

Usually 500 dozen, it means 6000 pairs.

What are the benefits of using oil resistant gloves?

1. Protect the skin of the hands: When working in an environment such as oil and chemicals, the skin of the hands is susceptible to splashes and erosion. Using oil-resistant gloves can effectively protect the skin of the hands and avoid skin itching, folliculitis, and skin rashes. dry, cracked, and damaged nails.

2. Improve work efficiency: Using oil-resistant gloves can effectively improve work efficiency, because they have high flexibility and grip, and can better complete fine operations.

What are oil resistant gloves used for?

Oil resistant gloves are mainly used to protect the skin of the hands from harmful substances such as oil and chemicals. It is widely used in mechanical equipment, construction industry, hardware tools, metallurgy and minerals, automobile and motorcycle assembly and maintenance, fishing and other industries.

Are oil resistant gloves reusable?

Most oil-resistant gloves are reusable, but their lifespan depends on use and material. Gloves must be carefully inspected to ensure they are not worn or damaged. If damage is found, gloves should be replaced in time to ensure safety.

Givensafety gloves

Contact us to customize your unique best oil resistant gloves. We can provide you with professional gloves manufacturing advice, high quality gloves and competitive prices to make your oil resistant gloves stand out in your market.

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