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Superior gardening gloves manufacturer & supplier in china

Gardening gloves factory, one-stop OEM service
Over 15 years of experience in manufacturing gardening gloves
Wholesale gardening gloves in bulk, factory direct price
Sample design and production within 15 days
Small batch trial orders accepted

Gardening Gloves

When you are gardening, your hands may be covered with dirt, you may also be cut or punctured by some thorny plants, or your hands may be infected by some bacteria that cause skin irritation. In order to protect your hands from these injuries, you must have a pair of gardening gloves.

Gardening gloves are available in many materials and with many features to choose from. Choosing the best pair of garden gloves can make the job faster, safer, and easier to manage. That’s why gardening gloves have been selling in high numbers for years.

As a factory with more than 15 years of manufacturing garden gloves, we can provide gardening gloves in different materials and with different functions, aiming to enrich your product line, expand your brand awareness and increase your market share.

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What type of gardening gloves we can produce for you

If you want to bulk costom or wholesale gardening gloves, if you are looking for a better gardening gloves manufacturer, then you can try to contact us. Givensafety Gloves is an excellent garden gloves factory, we can provide you with various types of best garden gloves.

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Excellent service

TOP 10 gardening gloves manufacturer & supplier in china

Givensaty gloves oem service

Quick response

1. Our company offers a 7/24 hour online and offline service. You can reach us at any time and get a quick answer to your questions.

2. Free samples within 10 days.

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factory direct price

1. Givensafety is a leading gardening gloves company and we can provide you with different types of high quality garden gloves according to your needs.

2. In addition to high quality, our cooperation is also based on factory direct price, which will give you a cost advantage for your garden gloves and thus increase your profits.

Givensafety gloves payment terms

Flexible Payment Terms

1. Various payment terms according to the order quantity

2. We give TT 60 days or LC 60 days payment support for customers with annual transaction volume of USD 3 million or more.

Easily view our wide range of work Gloves

TOP 10 work gloves manufacturer & supplier in china

Some Key Points About Gardening Gloves

Listed below are some of the key points in the manufacture of gardening gloves, so if you are looking for a manufacturer of garden gloves, please read on.


Can you custom gardening gloves?

Yes, our factory specializes in providing OEM service for all kinds of gloves and has 15 years of experience in customizing gloves now. Garden gloves are one of the types of gloves we are proficient in, and we can quickly complete the design and production of your garden gloves.

What is your MOQ for gardening gloves?

The demand for garden gloves is very high and the price is cheap. Because our production lines are fully automated, the MOQ is 2,000 dozen of each type, which is 24,000 pairs.

How to print the logo of garden gloves?

Logo printing method depends on your brand positioning.

If your brand positioning is high-end, you can choose heat transfer printing, the cost of each pair of gloves is about $0.06-$0.08.

If your brand positioning is cost effective, you can choose screen printing, our factory can provide free screen printing.

What kind of packaging do you support for garden gloves?

We fully support custom packaging.

For example, 12 pairs/medium bag, 120 pairs/carton, 240 pairs/carton for large package.

Or 1 pair/color bag, 1 pair/hanging card, 120 pairs/carton, or 240 pairs/carton for single-package.

Or we can also support mixed packaging for supermarket promotional items according to your requirements.

What is the delivery time for garden gloves?

Our lead time is usually 35-40 days, but it may be extended to 50-55 days if we have a full order.

The exact lead time will depend on the type of order, packaging, and production schedule.

Please contact our sales team.

What are the main functions of garden gloves?

1. Protect your fingers: Gardening work, such as pruning branches, picking fruits, etc., may cause damage to fingertips. Garden gloves can provide protection and reduce this risk.

2. Increase friction: Some glove designs can increase friction, making hand operation more stable and convenient. This helps prevent accidental injuries from slipping or loose grips.

3. Abrasion Resistant & Durable: Gardening jobs may involve using sharp tools or touching rough surfaces. Garden gloves can provide some resistance to abrasion and durability, prolonging the life of the hands.

4. Breathability and comfort: A good garden glove should have good breathability to keep you comfortable in wet or hot conditions. In addition, the softness and fit of gloves are also factors that affect comfort.

What are the common types of garden gloves?

Here are some common types of garden gloves:

1. Protective gloves for fingertips: This kind of gloves usually only protect the fingertips, and the palm part is exposed to maintain flexibility and operational sense. They are suitable for gardening activities that require delicate handling, such as pruning branches or picking flowers.

2. Nitrile Latex Gloves: Nitrile latex is a tough and resilient material suitable for full fingertip protection. These gloves typically have good abrasion and cut resistance and are suitable for handling sharp garden tools or materials.

3. Natural latex gloves: Natural latex gloves have high elasticity and comfort, and are suitable for long-term wearing for gardening work. They are generally highly resistant to corrosion and UV rays and are suitable for contact with corrosive substances such as plant fertilizers.

4. PVC Gloves: PVC gloves are a lightweight and affordable option for general gardening work. They usually have good chemical and UV resistance, but may not be as durable as other materials.

5. Cotton gloves: Cotton gloves usually have better comfort and breathability, and are suitable for gentle gardening work, such as planting vegetables or flowers. However, cotton gloves may be relatively less durable and need to be changed more frequently.

When choosing garden gloves, you can choose according to your personal needs and the nature of your gardening activities. For example, if you need to perform sharper gardening operations, such as pruning branches, nitrile latex gloves may be a better choice because they offer better resistance to cuts. For general gardening (such as growing vegetables or flowers), cotton gloves may be more suitable as they provide better comfort and breathability.

What factors do you need to consider when shopping for garden gloves?

When shopping for garden gloves, you can consider the following factors:

1. Size: Make sure the glove is the right size, avoid too big or too small. If the glove is too tight, it may affect the operation and increase discomfort; if it is too large, the glove may slip off or lose its protective effect during operation.

2. Thickness: Choose the appropriate thickness according to the expected work and the tools used. Thicker gloves generally provide better protection but may affect dexterity; thinner gloves may be more flexible but may be less protective.

3. Durability: Consider the frequency and duration of your expected use of the glove and select a durability level that meets your needs. People who do regular gardening may need more durable gloves, while those who do occasional gardening may not need gloves that are as durable.

4. Brand and price: Choose well-known brands and reasonably priced gloves, which can guarantee the quality and use experience. Of course, price is not the only criterion for measuring quality, and you can also consider other factors (such as user reviews, product features, etc.) to make a decision.

5. Protection needs: Choose the appropriate glove type according to your protection needs. For example, if you need protection from sharp objects such as thorns or nails, you can choose garden gloves with puncture resistance; if you need to prevent slipping or falling, you can choose garden gloves with non-slip function.

In summary, choosing the right garden gloves for you requires consideration of multiple factors, including material, function, size, thickness, durability, brand, and price. Choosing the right garden gloves according to personal needs and usage environment can better protect fingers and hands, and improve the efficiency and comfort of gardening work.

Givensafety gloves

If you are a brand owner or wholesaler of gardening gloves and you are looking for a better garden gloves company, then Givensafety is worth your contact. Unique styles, competitive prices and consistent high quality will allow you to win more market share for your garden gloves.

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