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A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Nitrile Coated Hand Gloves

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Nitrile Coated Hand Gloves

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A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Nitrile Coated Hand Gloves


A comprehensive guide on choosing nitrile coated hand gloves is a valuable resource for anyone who needs to protect their hands while working. Disposable gloves made of nitrile material are an excellent alternative to classic latex gloves and vinyl gloves. This guide helps individuals select the right size and thickness of nitrile gloves that will provide appropriate protection without being over-stretched. The guide also highlights the importance of choosing coated gloves that come with a variety of coatings, including latex, nitrile, polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), neoprene, and other materials.


Coated gloves offer an added layer of protection for the wearer’s hands, extending the life of nitrile gloves and making them even more durable. This comprehensive guide also discusses different types of gloves, including nitrile, latex, and vinyl gloves, to help individuals choose the best ones for their specific needs. In addition, the guide emphasizes how crucial hand protection is in a variety of industries and provides tips for selecting the right gloves for various jobs. Finally, it provides detailed instructions on how to use and dispose of disposable nitrile gloves, ensuring ultimate safety for the user.


The Benefits of Using Nitrile Coated Gloves in Food Handling


Nitrile coated gloves have numerous benefits when it comes to food handling. Their durability and strong puncture resistance make them an ideal choice for protecting food from contamination. In fact, nitrile gloves are three to five times more puncture resistant than latex gloves, reducing the risk of tears, abrasions, and punctures during food preparation.


Additionally, nitrile gloves provide a snug fit, allowing for optimum dexterity and protection from water and chemicals. Food handlers need not worry about the safety of nitrile gloves, as they are approved for use with food and are considered one of the best choices for food handling. Overall, nitrile coated gloves provide superior protection, comfort, and versatility for those working in the food industry.


How Nitrile Coated Gloves Provide Superior Chemical Resistance

Nitrile coated gloves are a popular choice for professionals who require high levels of chemical resistance in their work. These gloves are made from a synthetic rubber material that offers excellent protection against a vast range of chemicals, including acids, bases, solvents, oils, and greases. Unlike natural rubber gloves, nitrile gloves are resistant to degradation from chemicals, so they provide superior long-term protection.


Additionally, nitrile gloves have a higher puncture resistance compared to latex gloves, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications. The elasticity of nitrile gloves also provides excellent cut and tear resistance, ensuring durability and longevity. All of these factors make nitrile coated gloves a reliable choice for professionals working in industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals, where exposure to harmful chemicals is a constant threat.


China nitrile coated hand gloves Supplier


Given Safety is the brand of Qingdao Sanon Industry & Trade Co., Ltd was founded in 2008. As the leading manufacturer and exporter of safety gloves in the world, we always commit to R&D, produce and sales of comfortable gloves, breathable gloves, wear-resistant gloves, cut-resistant gloves, cold-proof gloves, heat-insulating gloves, waterproof gloves, oil-proof gloves and other functional gloves in multiple applications.



At present, we have two factories which located in Jiaozhou and Rudong, own 8 fully automatic dipping production lines, more than 100 skilled workers, and the annual output of over 100 million pairs.

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