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D3O Anti vibration gloves
D3O Anti vibration gloves

D3O Anti Vibration Gloves

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Performance Standards 
Cut Resistant A1-A9,C-F
Polyester,HPPE Fiber,Glass Fiber, Steel Fiber
Coating Type
Palm coated, Half coated, Fully coated
Sandy nitrile, micro foam nitrile,smooth nitrile, PU
Palm Impact padding
Size 7-12
OEM Cut resistant grade, logo, packing
MOQ 6000 pairs
Delivery 45-60days, 97.5% on time


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  • Product information-D3O Anti vibration gloves


    Product name  D3O Anti vibration gloves

    D3O Anti vibration gloves are a type of glove that is designed to reduce the amount of vibrations that are felt by the hands. These gloves are often used by people who work with power tools or other machinery that produces vibrations. The D3O material is a soft, flexible polymer that hardens when it is hit or compressed. This allows the gloves to absorb impact and reduce the amount of vibrations that are felt by the hands. D3O anti vibration gloves are available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit different hand sizes and preferences.



    ① Cut Resistant

    ② Breathable

    ③ Abrasion Resistant

    ④ Strong Grip

    ⑤ Reinforcement at the thumb crotch

    ⑥ Impact protection


    ① Automotive

    ② Facility maintenance

    ③ Machinery & Equipment

    ④ Transportation & Warehousing

    ⑤ Construction

    ⑥ Glass & Building materials



    Given Safety D3O Anti Vibration Gloves Heavy Machine Work and Power Tool Use, Durable Vibration Resistant Gloves with Impact Paddings and Reinforced Thumb Crotch, 7-12 inches


    What Makes Our Gloves Better

    1. Premium Quality Gloves

    Confidently work with power tools and heavy machinery with the D3O Anti Vibration Gloves by Given Safety. Made with high-quality materials, these anti vibration work gloves ensure the safety and protection of your hands from vibrations, cuts, and abrasions. 

    2. Absorbs and Reduces Vibrations

    These vibration reducing gloves use air sandwich synthetic rubber or foam rubber on the palm of the gloves to effectively absorb vibrations, making you work with ease.

    3. Comfortable and Easy to Wear

    The D3O anti vibe gloves can be used in a variety of work environments. These vibration resistant gloves are designed with an elastic Velcro wrist and flame-retardant fabric liner that ensures comfort and ease of use. 


    Get The OEM Advantage

    As an OEM, we can customize the grade resistance (A1-A9) and cut (A-F)  based on your requirement. Choose from a variety of final coats such as sandy nitrile, micro foam nitrile, PU and so on.We have three (3)  coating variations to suit your needs:

    ▪ Palm Coated

    ▪ Half-Coated

    ▪ Fully Coated

    Our delivery time is 45-60 days for most orders.


    Product Description

    The D3O anti-vibration gloves are designed to reduce vibrations that run through the hands while you work with power tools or other types of machinery. These hand vibration gloves feature a soft and flexible polymer that hardens when hit or compressed, allowing the gloves to absorb impact and reduce vibrations felt by the hands.  

    1. The Ultimate Vibration Absorbing Gloves

    The D3O anti-vibration gloves are designed with breathable material that is cut- and abrasion-resistant. It protects your palms with its durable impact paddings while the reinforced thumb crotch provides additional grip strength and protection between your thumb and forefinger. 

    2. Multipurpose and Heavy-Duty 

    These versatile gloves are made with polyester, HPPE fiber, glass fiber, and steel fiber, making them a perfect choice for various applications:

    ▪ Automotive

    ▪ Facility Maintenance

    ▪ Machinery and Equipment

    ▪ Transportation and Warehousing

    ▪ Construction

    ▪ Glass and Building Materials


    China-Made Work Gloves

    Given Safety is a China Impact Resistant Work Gloves Company that produces impact resistant gloves that are of superior quality. We use durable fabric and materials to insulate working hands from vibrations and reduce the effects of machine use. 





Qingdao Factory Address: Liujia Village, Jiaoxi Town, Jiaozhou City, Qingdao, China

Nantong Factory Address: Caobu Town, Rudong County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China

Mail : info@givensafety.com Tel / Whatsapp / Wechat : 86 18554852156
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