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18G A4 micro foam nitrile and puncture resistant gloves
18G A4 micro foam nitrile and puncture resistant gloves

18G A4 Micro Foam Nitrile And Puncture Resistant Gloves

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Performance Standards 
Cut Resistant A1-A9,C-F
Polyester,HPPE Fiber,Glass Fiber, Steel Fiber
Coating Type
Palm coated, Half coated, Fully coated
Sandy nitrile, micro foam nitrile,smooth nitrile, PU
Back TPR
Palm Anti-impact padding
Size 7-12
OEM Cut resistant grade, logo,coating, packing
MOQ 6000 pairs
Delivery 45-60days, 97.5% on time
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  • Product information-18G A4 micro foam nitrile and puncture resistant gloves


    Product name  18G A4 micro foam nitrile and puncture resistant gloves


    The 18G A4 micro foam nitrile gloves are made with a special material that is both puncture resistant and comfortable to wear. These gloves have a textured surface that provides excellent grip, even in wet or oily conditions. The micro foam nitrile material is also resistant to chemicals, making them ideal for use in a variety of industries.



    ① Cut Resistant

    ② Breathable

    ③ Abrasion Resistant

    ④ Strong Grip

    ⑤ Reinforcement at the thumb crotch

    ⑥ Impact protection


    ① Automotive

    ② Facility maintenance

    ③ Machinery & Equipment

    ④ Transportation & Warehousing

    ⑤ Construction

    ⑥ Glass & Building materials



    Looking for a safety gloves manufacturer that will increase your brand's sales and make your customers happy? 


    Look no further than 18G A4 Micro Foam Nitrile And Puncture Resistant Gloves. These are the perfect addition to any work that needs protection at a high level of comfort. 


    A4 glove shell coated with micro foam nitrile , which means they're not only soft but also breathable—they won't rip or tear when you need them most. The TPR on back are also impact-resistant, so your customers can feel safe from impact objects such as heavy construction, oil and gas work, and so on.





    ▪There's no reason why your business shouldn't have these gloves in stock—they're essential for any industry where employees could get injured by sharp objects or need to protect their hands from cut or from impact. 


    ▪ We can OEM kinds of color, so you'll always be able to find the right pair for your brand's style guidelines.


    ▪ We supply high quality gloves in the industry. We can offer kinds of gloves shell such as 13G, 15G, 18G to ensure the gloves have a high level of dexterity, and comfort. 


    ▪ These A1-A9 , A-F cut-resistant gloves shell can be decided by you to meet every industry application. All the gloves are strictly produced under strict compliance with ANSI105-2016  and EN388:2016 standards.


    ▪ All the dipping material are adopt imported nitrile, latex and pu to ensure the long-term life of the gloves.


    ▪ All the gloves can be delivered within 45-60days. In the passed 8 years, we keep 97.5% delivery record. 





    ▪ These gloves are perfect for many industries including industrial manufacturing, automotive repair, glass handling, and more!


    ▪ If you're looking for a pair of high-quality gloves that will last more than a few weeks, then these are exactly what you need!


    Given Safety is an work gloves OEM factory.  All gloves can be customized in different sizes, designs and coating so you can make sure they fit every hand of your customers. 


    If you want to make sure your customers' hands are protected in every way possible,  what are you waiting for? Order bulk today BEFORE SUPPLIES RUN OUT!


Qingdao Factory Address: Liujia Village, Jiaoxi Town, Jiaozhou City, Qingdao, China

Nantong Factory Address: Caobu Town, Rudong County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China

Mail : info@givensafety.com Tel / Whatsapp / Wechat : 86 18554852156
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