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Focus on Safety Gloves
Given Safety

From glass factory workers to automotive workers, customers want bulk work gloves from suppliers that solve their real pain points.  


One of their biggest problems:

Gloves today are always leaving traces on glass when they handle it.



Not only that:

When installing auto glass, the glass inside the car is often not a tight fit, and current gloves always slip. 

There is currently no glove in the market that is comfortable, breathable, and heat-resistant at the same time.




Silicone coated gloves, specifically labor gloves. These gloves are wear-resistant, non-slip, high and low-temperature resistant, and are often used in special environments.



Now, most of the silicone coated gloves today are made with a layer of silicone pad in a specific part of the glove core by heat lamination or sewing. But the overall thickness of the glove makes it feel thicker—especially the part with the silicone pad— making it very inflexible and uncomfortable for the wearer to operate.


For this reason, a new technical solution is needed to solve the above technical problems. This is where our gloves come in! We’re going to change the game.


About the comfort of Silicone coated gloves


Material: The internal material of Silicone coated gloves is usually made of cotton, polyester fiber, nylon and other materials. These materials are light, soft, moisture-absorbing and breathable, which can keep hands dry and comfortable.


Glove fit: Silicone coated gloves need to have sufficient fit to ensure hand flexibility and sensitivity. The tighter the glove fits the hand, the more flexible the hand will be to operate on objects, and it can also reduce the slippage of the glove during operation, making it more comfortable.


Length: The length of Silicone coated gloves also affects comfort. For different usage scenarios and personal needs, you can choose gloves of different lengths. Generally speaking, the longer the glove, the more comprehensive protection can be provided, but it will also increase a certain degree of discomfort and inconvenience.


Seaming and lining: The seaming and lining design of Silicone coated gloves are also key factors affecting comfort. The suture site needs to be smooth and flat without friction and pressure. The inner lining needs to be soft and comfortable without causing irritation or allergic reaction to the skin of the hands.


Consider these powerful features of SILICONE COATED GLOVES gloves:


Light, soft and transparent surface

Silicone palm coating provides dry grip and heat resistance

Silicone coating is anti-adhesive and prevents sealant and hot melt buildup

A1-A9 cut resistant 

Designed for door and window manufacturing, electrical and automotive manufacturing, glass handling, metal handling, metal fabrication, and metal stamping


Finally, you now have the new silicone-coated gloves that will no longer make your customer worry about glass, cuts, sealants, hot melts, and sharp edges from handling equipment with sharp blades — another common problem among glove manufacturers that we've solved here at Given Safety!



Industrial SILICONE COATED Gloves Manufacturer OEM advantage


We have many years of experience in the safety glove industry as an OEM and have helped many brands to increase their sales by offering customization of the gloves. 


We understand that when it comes to choosing a supplier, you need to be sure that they are going to provide you with work gloves that will meet your needs and expectations, but also make sure they’re durable enough to last throughout their lifetime. That’s why we offer at least 5% Guaranteed Growth in your business profits on all of our products, so you know exactly what you are getting before you buy them!


So prepare for a dramatic change in your sales expectations with us as your industrial gloves' manufacturer. Order in LARGE BULK NOW!







Qingdao Factory Address: Liujia Village, Jiaoxi Town, Jiaozhou City, Qingdao, China

Nantong Factory Address: Caobu Town, Rudong County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China

Mail : info@givensafety.com Tel / Whatsapp / Wechat : 86 18554852156
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