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Focus on Safety Gloves
Given Safety



Impact Resistant

② Cut resistant

③ Abrasion Resistant

④ Strong Grip

⑤ Breathable

⑥ Reinforcement at the thumb crotch





① Automotive

② Facility maintenance

Machinery & Equipment

④ Transportation & Warehousing

⑤ Construction

⑥ Glass & Building materials



We've all been there: you want to be the best wholesaler of anti-vibration bulk work gloves, but you can’t. 

Because your customers don’t like the quality of your products. 

You get constant complaints about how they don’t work, and your supplier doesn’t do anything about it. The quality just keeps getting worse and worse, until your customers transfer to another store.


You. Lose. The. Sales.

But we can end that. 



Introducing: Our Industry High Quality Anti Impact Bulk Work gloves. 


In this Page Category, we can fix your number one problem because in here you will find the best anti-vibration gloves of a variety of types and materials that will suit your market industry or audience as a wholesaler, importer or reseller.


Just consider these remarkable benefits you get from our Anti-Vibration Bulk Work Gloves:



Why choose Given Safety? 


Grade 4  Wear Resistance

A1-A9 , A-F Cutting Resistance

Grade 4  Tear Resistance

Grade 3 even 4 Puncture resistance 

Impact resistant grade 1-2

High-grip Grasp


At Given Safety Gloves, we take the fatigue factor seriously and manufacture anti-vibration gloves that support safe, healthy hand positioning all day, both at rest and while holding tools. 

Design Your Custom Tools Online with Your Brand's Logo in Given Safety Gloves | Anti-Vibration Mechanic's Gloves.


100% Customizable to Fit Your Brand


We can design your unique TPR style for your brand, can adjust the TPR hardness and thickness to meet the different impact resistant grade.

What we have are high-quality wholesale work gloves that we’ve designed to have the right coating such as sandy nitrile or micro foam nitrile to ensure the comfortable feeling. 

We’ve added the right air sandwich synthetic rubber to the palm of the gloves to absorb vibration. In a cold environment, the above materials can also be added to the cold-proof gloves to play an anti-vibration effect.  

Our wholesale work gloves work by absorbing the vibrations caused by operating power tools and dispersing them throughout the gloves. This is incredible because this means your customers can FINALLY use their hands for longer without feeling any pain or discomfort.  


Fantastic, right? But wait…there’s more.


Truly, our anti-vibration wholesale work gloves are designed to stop that vibration from ever happening, so your buyers stay comfortable even when they’re using heavy machinery.  This means you can rest assured that your buyers’ hands are protected from impacts, shocks, and numb fingers—even if they’re working in conditions where they’re prone to injury.




Given Safety Company offers a wide assortment of different anti-vibration and lifting gloves above. These gloves are used primarily for the do-it-yourselfer, construction worker, factory worker, delivery person etc; however, they can also be used for weight lifting and other sporting activities. Not only does Given Safety Company offer a wide line of ergonomic safety products we also offer all sorts of ergonomic safety information.




And what happens when your customers are happy? They keep coming back to YOU!




Why buy our work gloves wholesale? Because these gloves are great for those who perform multiple tasks, like woodworking, metalworking, machine operation, or even driving a car. We know that most people don't have time to spend nursing injuries or taking breaks because they work too hard—and we want to help them get back up on their feet as quickly as possible! 

That's why we created these gloves: so every worker can enjoy their job without worrying about their hands going numb or losing sensation in their fingers due to vibration exposure. The more happy workers, the more orders your business gets!





What separates our Anti-Vibration Work Gloves (Wholesale) from the competition?


Our team of in-house designers and engineers will work with you to create the perfect glove for your clients’ specific needs. Whether you need a custom fit, a specific material, or a unique style, we can make it happen so you can continue to be the leading brand!

We believe in these products so much that we want to make sure you have the best experience possible when using them. 



So don't wait another minute—order our work gloves wholesale NOW! 

Qingdao Factory Address: Liujia Village, Jiaoxi Town, Jiaozhou City, Qingdao, China

Nantong Factory Address: Caobu Town, Rudong County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China

Mail : info@givensafety.com Tel / Whatsapp / Wechat : 86 18554852156
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