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About heritage extreme winter gloves

Characteristics of heritage extreme winter gloves


The Heritage Extreme Winter glove offers riders exceptional protection from the elements. With a four-barrier protection system, the outer shell is bonded to a waterproof breathable liner, ensuring that wetness and cold are kept out. Additionally, the gloves feature Super Grip Synthetic Leather, which increases grip, making them ideal for wet or dry conditions.


China Winter Warm Work Gloves In Bulk Manufacturer


If you are looking for China Winter Warm Work Gloves In Bulk Manufacturer, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to offer you the best products and services.


We are a gloves manufacturer in China and we can provide you with winter warm work gloves in bulk. Our gloves are made of high quality materials and they are very comfortable to wear. We have a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from. We also offer custom logo printing on our gloves.


Looking for a China Winter Warm Work Gloves In Bulk Manufacturer? We are a professional work glove manufacturer with over 10 years of experience. Our winter work gloves are made of high quality materials and are designed to keep your hands warm and comfortable in the coldest conditions. We offer a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, so you can find the perfect glove for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our winter work gloves and how we can help you stay safe and productive in the cold weather.


Winter Warm Work Gloves


  Winter Warm Work Gloves are the necessary warm and cold protection products in autumn and winter.They can protect our delicate hands very well.However,there are so many gloves on the market.What kind of gloves are the most warm?Which kind of Winter Warm Work Gloves is good?In fact,common thermal gloves include woolen gloves,leather gloves,wool gloves,cotton gloves,etc.The following small knitting will introduce their advantages and disadvantages and purchase points one by one.Let's have a look.


Different Types of Winter Warm Work Gloves


  Knitted Glove-Winter Warm Gloves


  Wool gloves are woven with different kinds of chemical fiber threads.Many women like to weave various kinds of woolen gloves by themselves.They should be the most common Winter Warm Work Gloves in winter.Main advantages and disadvantages:woolen gloves are more economical and practical,and have various styles.They can also be hand knitted,like handmade girls who can weave various patterns;The disadvantage is that wool gloves are easy to pilling and not wear-resistant.


  Key points for purchasing:The varieties of wool used in wool gloves are mainly divided into coarse wool,fine wool,fancy wool and knitting wool.The coarse wool is thicker and warmer,while the fine wool is light and close to the body.The fancy wool is fashionable and beautiful,and most of the knitting wool is machine knitted.Reference price:wool gloves are affordable,suitable for students and other young men and women's daily collocation.


  Wool gloves-Winter Warm Gloves


  Wool gloves are made of yarn made of wool fiber.The inside is made of fine and rich cashmere,which fits the skin and has good warmth retention.It is also an ideal Winter Warm Work Gloves in winter.Main advantages and disadvantages:Wool gloves have soft and delicate feel,good temperature absorption,and the fleece is shrunk.The fleece is full and tight,so the warm keeping effect is outstanding.In addition,the elasticity and recovery of wool are good,thicker than other fibers,and more wear-resistant.


  Key points for purchase:Wool gloves are better when the wool content is about 80%.Generally,pure wool fabric feels soft and smooth along the wool and tingling against the wool,while some blended or chemical fiber products are less soft,some are too loose and sticky.The ginseng wool gloves are decorated with bows and tassels,which are suitable for sweet and elegant women's daily collocation.


  Leather gloves-Winter Warm Gloves


  Leather gloves are made of animal leather such as cowhide,goat skin,pig skin and sheep skin.Because they are cut and sewn from a whole piece of leather,they can lock the warmth.They are one of the commonly used materials for Winter Warm Work Gloves in winter.Main advantages and disadvantages:leather of leather gloves is soft and delicate,with clear texture,elegant,wear-resistant and crack resistant,long service life,and good heat preservation and temperature locking effect;However,the price of leather gloves is relatively high,and the cleaning and maintenance are quite meticulous.


  Key points for purchasing:When purchasing leather gloves,it is necessary to distinguish between the real leather and the fake leather.The leather surface is soft,smooth,plump and elastic,while the artificial leather surface is astringent,rigid,soft and has a strong irritant plastic smell.Leather gloves are more suitable for urban fashion men and women's daily collocation.


  Cotton gloves-Winter Warm Gloves


  Cotton gloves are woven from cotton fibers.They are worn by ordinary workers and other production personnel at work.They can protect hands and also keep warm and cold in winter.Main advantages and disadvantages:cotton gloves are thick,wear-resistant,anti-skid,and have large weaving holes,which are comfortable and breathable,especially suitable for long time work;However,cotton gloves mainly play a protective role,so the thermal insulation performance is relatively general.


  Buying points:The density of cotton gloves can be divided into 7 stitches and 10 stitches.The denser the gloves are woven,the better their wear and crack resistance;Also pay attention to its cotton content.Pure cotton gloves have the functions of heat insulation and no static electricity,so they can be used in a wider range.Reference price:cotton gloves are commonly used in labor protection products industry,with low price cost


  Waterproof fleece gloves-Winter Warm Gloves


  The outer layer of the waterproof fleece gloves is made of waterproof and breathable materials,which can always keep the inside of the gloves dry,while the inner fleece materials play a role in keeping warm and cold,and are mostly used for outdoor sports such as skiing.Main advantages and disadvantages:the outer layer of the fleece gloves has the functions of waterproof,moisture permeability and tear resistance,and the inner layer has good flexibility,breathability and warmth retention functions,which can better protect your hands;The disadvantage is that the anti-skid property of materials is required to be higher.


  Key points:The palm of waterproof fleece gloves should be made of anti-skid and wear-resistant anti-skid rubber grain leather,which can increase friction and adhesion;Wrist should have elastic tightening design and lengthening design,with better waterproof effect.Waterproof fleece gloves are mostly used for outdoor sports,and the materials used are relatively more professional.


Selection Method of Winter Warm Work Gloves in Winter


  1.It is advisable to buy the ones that are suitable for the size of the ruler.Too large to achieve the effect of heat preservation,and make finger movement inconvenient;Too small will block the blood circulation of the hand and cause discomfort easily.


  2.The gloves for cycling in winter should not be made of artificial leather,nylon or too thick materials.Because artificial leather is easy to harden in winter;Nylon is too slippery,and the friction is small,so it is easy to slide when riding a bike;If the material is too thick,the finger movement will be inconvenient,which is not conducive to the safety of cycling.


  3.Children's hands are tender,so it is advisable to buy soft cotton wool or elastic nylon gloves.


  4.The elderly have poor blood circulation,their hands and feet are especially afraid of cold,and their skin is also dry.Therefore,they should choose soft fur,wool,and cotton gloves.


  5.The patient with hyperhidrosis has blue skin on his hands in winter and feels cold and wet,but his palms are prone to sweating.When choosing gloves,these people should choose cotton gloves that are both warm and have good water absorption.


  6.People with chapped hands and feet are treated with chapped hands and feet in winter.As the hands need to be scrubbed every day,it is better to buy two layers of gloves,and the inner layer of gloves should be made of thin cotton fabric for frequent washing.


  7.When selecting gloves,pay attention to"three looks":


  ①Check whether the gloves are flat,whether the fingers are round,whether the two are the same size,and whether the left and right are paired.


  ②Check whether the suture is neat,whether the distance is even,and whether there is jumper or missing stitch at the edge seam.


  ③Check whether the fabric color is basically the same,and whether there are holes and cracks in the leather.


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