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TOP 5 Silicone gloves manufacturer & supplier in china

Silicone gloves factory and company, one-stop OEM service
New silicone gloves dipping technology
Rare “blue ocean” glove, precious opportunity to increase your gloves market share
Sample design and production within 20 days
Factory direct price, accept small batch trial orders

Expand your gloves market share with silicone coated gloves

When it comes to silicone gloves, you are more likely to think of silicone dishwashing gloves or silicone oven mitts. But what I want to tell you is that there is a new type of silicone gloves on the market—-silicone work gloves (silicone coated gloves).

Silicone work gloves are made of common glove liners and silicone coating. It looks simple, right? Actually, it’s not that simple. The hardest part of producing silicone work gloves is the silicone coating. There are not many glove manufacturers who can do a good job of dipping silicone on the glove liner. That’s why it’s hard to find silicone coated gloves on the market today, and even harder to find manufacturers of silicone coated gloves. After several years of trial and efforts, Givensafety has finally mastered the silicone dipping technology.

Silicone coated gloves have excellent non-slip performance, heat resistance, waterproof performance, and it can provide excellent grip. At the same time, it can also be combined with different glove liners to create new functions, such as cut resistance. Using silicone work gloves does not leave fingerprints, which makes it more and more popular in window manufacturing, glass making, automotive manufacturing, precision machining, solar manufacturing and handling.

Many well-known glove brands have already started to custom silicone coated gloves, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today to customize your own brand of silicone coated gloves to expand your market share and greatly increase your profits in the early stages of the market.

What type of Silicone gloves we can produce for you

Silicone coated gloves are a new type of work gloves, which are currently rare in the market. Whether you are a glove importer, brand owner or distributor, now is the best time to contact us to custom your unique silicone coated gloves.

Silicone coated Gloves

Silicone coated gloves are a new type of work gloves. The silicone coating provides excellent grip and outstanding heat resistance. At the same time, silicone work gloves can be combined with different glove liners to create new combinations of functions. Silicone work gloves with cut-resistant features are the most popular type on the market today.

silicone palm coated gloves

silicone fully coated gloves

cut resistant silicone gloves

silicone oven gloves

Silicone has super high temperature resistance, which makes it one of the best materials for oven mitts. Excellent non-slip properties give you the best grip while cooking. Soft silicone and glove liners make your grip more free and comfortable.

Silicone oven gloves with cotton liner

Silicone oven gloves with aramid liner

extra long Silicone oven gloves

Features of Silicone coated Gloves

Compared with other dipped work gloves, silicone work gloves have the following characteristics:

Excellent Anti-slip & Grip

Compared to latex and nitrile, silicone has natural slip resistance and a higher coefficient of friction, which gives silicone work gloves an excellent grip.

Silicone has good elasticity and the glove liner is very soft, both of which allow silicone work gloves to fit the hands better and improve the precision and safety of the operation.

In addition, the silicone coated gloves have excellent chemical resistance and can effectively protect hands from acids, alkalis, oils and other chemicals. This advantage further expands the application of silicone work gloves to chemical, medical, laboratory and other fields.

Gloves Dipping Line

superior heat resistance

Silicone has excellent heat resistant properties. Therefore, when people are engaged in high-temperature work such as barbecues or contact with boiling water, ovens, and microwave ovens, they must have a pair of heat resistant silicone gloves to protect their hands from high-temperature substances.

In addition, silicone can also be combined with some high temperature resistant glove liners to obtain better heat insulation performance. For example, some of our oven mitts combine silicone and aramid liners to obtain high-temperature protection at 500-800 degrees for 10-15 seconds.

Silicone coated gloves not only have excellent anti-slip performance, but also have good heat insulation function. Ordinary silicone coated gloves can withstand high temperatures of 200 degrees. If your customers need work gloves with strong grip and good heat resistance, then silicone coated gloves are one of the best recommendations.

no fingerprints

Silicone is an inert material that does not react chemically with almost any substance. Silicone coated gloves are safe, non-toxic and odorless and will not leave fingerprints on the surface of other objects.

Silicone coated gloves are resistant not only to high temperatures but also to low temperatures. It can maintain long-term stable performance between -70°-200°.

These excellent properties of silicone coated gloves are not available in other work gloves, so if your customer is a factory producing auto glass, windows, solar energy, photovoltaic, or when handling work with cleanliness requirements, please do not hesitate to recommend silicone coated gloves, and your customer will recognize your professional recommendation.

Comfortable & beautiful

Most of the silicone gloves on the market today are made with a layer of silicone pads in specific parts of the glove shell through a process such as heat lamination or sewing. Although this type of silicone glove has a good protective effect, the overall thickness of the glove is too thick, especially the part with the silicone pad, which makes the wearer’s operation very inflexible.

We are proud to have developed a new silicone dipping process. This process not only allows the silicone coating to be firmly bonded to the glove liner, but also retains the elasticity of the silicone and the softness of the glove liner. The combination of the two greatly improves the comfort of silicone coated gloves. It does not cause excessive pressure on the hands and can effectively relieve hand fatigue and soreness and other discomfort. The glue does not penetrate inside the glove shell during the entire gum dipping process.

In addition, the transparent silicone makes the colorful glove liners more beautiful and advanced.


increase glove market share

A powerful tool to increase profits

Cut resistant gloves, anti vibration gloves, garden gloves, silicone oven gloves or other types of work gloves have been popular in the market for many years and have formed many famous brands like 3M, Globle Glove, Magid and so on. It is a “red ocean” where erery company competes with each other for every piece of available market share.

Silicone coated gloves, unlike those safety gloves, are not too common at the moment. One reason is that people are just starting to explore and use these gloves, and the main reason is that silicone dipping technology is difficult to master. This is a “blue ocean” and every importer, brand owner or wholesaler of work gloves who can seize this opportunity can quickly increase their market share and company profits.

Excellent service

TOP 5 silicone gloves manufacturer & supplier in china

Givensaty gloves oem service

Quick response

1. Our company offers a 7/24 hour online and offline service. You can reach us at any time and get a quick answer to your questions.

2. Free samples within 20 days.

custom safety gloves

New silicone dipping technology

1. We have successfully developed a new silicone dipping process. There are few gloves companies that can perfectly manufacture silicone coated gloves.

2. We can develop a variety of silicone coated gloves according to your needs, which will make your glove brand better.

Givensafety gloves payment terms

Flexible Payment Terms

1. Various payment terms according to the order quantity

2. We give TT 60 days or LC 60 days payment support for customers with annual transaction volume of USD 3 million or more.

Easily view our wide range of work Gloves

TOP 10 work gloves manufacturer & supplier in china

Some Key Points About Silicone Gloves

We have listed some of the things you need to know about silicone gloves and the essentials of working with us. 

If you want to learn more about silicone gloves, especially silicone coated gloves, please read on.


Can you provide samples of silicone work gloves?

Yes, we can provide samples, but the production process of silicone coated gloves is extremely strict and difficult, so we need to charge a certain sample fee. If the order is confirmed, we can deduct the sample fee in the later order.

How long does it take to make a sample of silicone coated gloves?

Generally, samples take about 15 days.

What is the price of silicone coated gloves?

Due to their special manufacturing process and higher wastage rate, silicone-coated gloves are priced higher than regular nitrile-coated, latex-coated, or PU-coated gloves. Please consult our sales team for specific pricing details.

What is the minimum order quantity for silicone coated gloves?

Normally, 500 dozen.

What is the lead time for silicone-coated gloves?

Due to the strict manufacturing requirements, the current lead time for our silicone-coated gloves is approximately 55-60 days.

What is the market outlook for silicone-coated gloves?

As the existing labor protection gloves fail to meet the specific requirements of certain industries, we have developed and produced these silicone-coated gloves. Currently, there is high demand for this glove, and we believe the demand will continue to grow in the next 5-8 years. Being in the early stages of silicone-coated glove development, we expect the profit margin for these gloves to be much higher than ordinary coated gloves, making them a profitable product for your brand.

How should I promote these silicone coated gloves?

Since silicone-coated gloves are not suitable for general work environments due to their higher price, they are ideal for specific industries that require superior glove performance, such as automotive glass production, glass installation, solar panel handling, and installation work. You can focus on recommending these gloves to this particular group of customers.

Can you provide promotional materials for silicone-coated gloves?

Certainly. We can provide you with all promotional videos, posters, and informational materials from Gviensafety without any conditions, to assist you in marketing and promoting silicone-coated gloves effectively.

What types of silicone gloves are there?

According to the production process, silicone gloves are currently divided into three main types: pure silicone gloves, silicone + liner gloves, and silicone coated gloves. The first two have been popular for a long time, silicone coated gloves are an emerging type of work gloves.

Pure silicone gloves: pure silicone gloves are mainly made of FDA and LFGB food-grade silicone materials, and their main use is for household cleaning, dishwashing, and also have the role of anti-burn. Pure silicone gloves are soft and comfortable, colorful, non-toxic and odorless, easy to clean and reusable, and are one of the essential cleaning tools for families.

Pure silicone gloves

Silicone + liner gloves: These gloves are designed to be heat resistant. The liner is heat-resistant cotton or aramid, and the outside is pure silicone gloves or various patterns made from silicone. This type of silicone glove is very heat resistant and can easily work at 200° and can even accept temperatures above 500° for 10-15 seconds. Most of the bbq gloves, oven gloves, and microwave gloves we see are this type of silicone gloves.

silicone + liner gloves


Silicone coated gloves: This is a new type of work glove with a different material glove liner inside and a silicone coating on the outside. For example, nylon glove lining with a silicone coating, which will make the gloves more flexible and non-slip performance, ideal for some high-end manufacturing workers to wear. Cut resistant gloves lined with silicone coating, which will make the work gloves both strong cut-resistant performance, and excellent grip, ideal for window manufacturing, automotive glass manufacturing, solar panel handling and other work.

                                              13G A5 cut resistant vulcanized silicone coated gloves13G polyester, silicone fully coated glass gloves13G A4 cut resistant silicone coated gloves

Silicone coated gloves are currently not very common in the market and are in the “blue ocean” stage, which will be a very rare opportunity for your glove brand to increase its market share. Contact us today.

Why are silicone gloves resistant to high temperature?

The reason why silicone can withstand high temperatures is mainly because of the silicon-oxygen bond in its chemical structure. The silicon-oxygen bond has high energy, stability, heat resistance and chemical stability, thus making silicone resistant to high temperature environments. In addition, the temperature resistance of silica gel is also related to its variety, heat-resistant agent, filler, type and amount of vinyl content, water content of refining rubber, PH value, etc.

Why are silicone gloves anti-slip?

Silicone gloves are non-slip mainly because of the properties of the material itself. Silicone has a high coefficient of friction, and there are many tiny bumps and depressions on the silicone surface. These bumps and depressions can increase the contact area between the silicone coating and the surface of the object, thus improving the anti-slip ability of silicone gloves.

In addition, silicone also has a certain viscosity, which can form a certain adsorption force on the contact surface, thus further improving the anti-slip effect of silicone gloves.

Givensafety Gloves

A silicone work gloves manufacturer worth your try. We will use our advanced silicone dipping technology and strict quality control system to manufacture  the best silicone gloves for you within your budget. Contact us today to custom your own unique silicone work gloves and win more market opportunities.

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