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About firm grip general purpose gloves

irm Grip General Purpose gloves are designed to help you tackle any task with ease. Made from durable synthetic leather and spandex, these gloves provide superior protection and comfort.

Protect hands with firm grip general purpose gloves


For a variety of tasks, the Firm Grip General Purpose Gloves are the perfect choice for protection and comfort. Made from durable synthetic leather and spandex, these gloves provide a secure grip and fit snugly on your hands. They’re designed to provide maximum performance while still being comfortable to wear. Whether you’re a painter, mechanic or gardener, these gloves are ideal for protecting your hands during your work.


The main function of firm grip general purpose gloves


The Firm Grip General Purpose gloves are an ideal choice for a wide range of tasks. The reinforced material provides protection and durability to hands, while the synthetic leather fingertips offer excellent grip. The stretch spandex between the fingers and body ensures breathability and maximum comfort. The soft gray material on the palm side absorbs moisture quickly, making these gloves ideal for wiping down surfaces. These gloves are designed with both comfort and high performance in mind, making them an ideal choice for any job.


Features of firm grip general purpose gloves


1. Superior comfort and performance

2. Made of durable synthetic leather and spandex

3. Excellent grip and breathability

4. Stretch spandex between fingers and body provides flexibility

5. Reinforced structure helps protect your hands



China Best General Purpose Work Gloves Wholesale


There are many gloves on the market, but not all of them are created equal. You want a glove that is going to protect your hands and fingers from the elements, while also being comfortable to wear. That's why China Best general purpose work gloves wholesale is the perfect choice for you.


These gloves are made of high quality materials that will keep your hands warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They are also lightweight and breathable, so you won't have to worry about them being too hot or too bulky. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your hand.


So if you're looking for a glove that can do it all, then look no further than China Best general purpose work gloves wholesale. You won't be disappointed!


What are General Purpose Work Gloves


General Purpose Work Gloves are also called labor protection gloves. There are many kinds of General Purpose Work Gloves, generally referring to gloves used for labor protection. According to different jobs and occupations, labor insurance gloves have very different production materials and functions.


General Purpose Work supplies gloves are the most commonly used labor protection supplies now, and have very good safety protection effects. Whether it is industrial and mining enterprises, chemical plants, infrastructure or environmental sanitation, labor protection gloves are an indispensable item. In fact, many people don't know that there are many types of labor protection gloves. Although all are the functions of protective gloves, the focus is still different.


What are the General Purpose Work Gloves? Here are also divided into the following categories according to different scenarios


Different Types of General Purpose Work Gloves


1. Welding gloves


Personal protective equipment used to prevent high temperature during welding, melting metal, and burning hands. Using cowhide, pigskin or two-layer leather as raw materials, it can be divided into two-finger skin, three-finger skin and five-finger skin according to the type of fingers. The appearance of welding gloves has strict requirements.


2. Acid and alkali resistant gloves


The quality of the protective equipment produced to prevent acid and alkali injury to the hands should meet the requirements of "Acid (Alkali) Resistant Gloves". Acid and alkali resistant gloves must not have defects such as brittleness, loopholes, damage, etc., and no leakage of fingers: they must be airtight, and under certain pressure, there must be no leakage of fingers.


The gloves can be divided into rubber, latex, plastic, dipped acid and alkali resistant gloves according to their different materials.


3. Disposable gloves


Disposable gloves are a necessity in family life and are used frequently. The disposable plastic gloves are made of high-quality new PE material, without adding any toxic chemicals, which can safely and reliably contact food. Disposable plastic gloves have good toughness, pull resistance, oil and water resistance, not afraid of puncture, acid and alkali resistance.


4. Latex gloves


Latex gloves are generally unlined and come in many different styles, including clean and sterile. It has a good protective effect on alkaline, alcoholic and various chemically diluted aqueous solutions, and has a good protective effect on the corrosion of aldehydes and ketones.

5 Threads 21yarn Latex Palm Coated Gloves


5. Rubber finger cots


The materials, functions and uses of rubber finger cots are similar to those of rubber gloves, except that the finished product only has fingers, that is, rubber "finger covers". Because of its flexible and convenient use and low replacement cost, it has become the main substitute for rubber gloves in some applications.



The selection of General Purpose Work Gloves is directly related to the health of the hands.


How should we choose General Purpose Work Gloves?


1. The selected General Purpose Work Gloves should have sufficient protective function;


2. Do not discard contaminated gloves at will when using;


3. When taking off the General Purpose Work Gloves, you must pay attention to the correct method to avoid the gloves, clothing and skin contacting harmful substances, causing secondary pollution;


4. Wash hands before putting on General Purpose Work Gloves, wash hands after taking off gloves, and then apply hand cream to supplement natural protective oil;


5. Treat or cover wounds before wearing gloves to prevent the introduction of bacteria and chemicals into the human bloodstream;


6. Before using General Purpose Work Gloves, we should carefully check whether the gloves are damaged and worn, especially the finger seams;


7. Do not ignore any skin erythema, itching, dermatitis and other skin diseases, such as dry hands, itching, blistering and other symptoms, you should see a doctor in time.

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