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What type of gloves prevent cuts

About level 3 cut resistant gloves


Level 3 cut resistant gloves are designed to provide a higher level of protection against cuts and abrasions. The MILWAUKEE® Cut Level 3 Nitrile Dipped Gloves feature a reinforced nitrile coated material for added durability and protection. These gloves have been tested with the Coup Test, which assigns them a level between 0 and 5, with 5 being the most cut resistant. The Given Safety level 3 cut resistant gloves are another popular choice in this category, providing an A3 rating on the Coup Test while also offering a grip that is suitable for wet or dry conditions. Whether you are working in the kitchen, garage, or construction site, these gloves can help you stay safe and protected from cuts and abrasions.


China A1-A5,Cut Level 1-5 Cut Resistant Gloves Manufacturer


About China A1-A5,Cut Level 1-5 Cut Resistant Gloves Manufacturer


If you’re looking for the best cut resistant gloves on the market, you need to check out China A1-A5. They’re the leading manufacturer of high quality, cut resistant gloves that are perfect for a variety of applications. Whether you’re looking for gloves for your kitchen, construction site, or anywhere else where you need protection from sharp objects, China A1-A5,Cut Level 1-5 Cut Resistant Gloves Manufacturer


What sets China A1-A5 apart from other glove manufacturers is their commitment to quality. Their gloves are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to withstand even the most demanding tasks. And because they’re such a well-respected company, you can be sure that their customer service is top-notch as well. If you have any questions or concerns about their products, they’ll be more than happy to help you out.


So if you’re in the market for a new pair of cut resistant gloves, be sure to check out China A1-A5. You won’t be disappointed!




Cut-resistant gloves are gloves that are difficult to cut and protect the opponent.


Cut-resistant gloves have extraordinary cut-resistant performance and wear-resistant performance, making them high-quality hand labor protection products.

13G A3 Black PU Palm Coated Gloves

The service life of a pair of cut-resistant gloves is equivalent to 500 pairs of ordinary thread gloves, which can be called "one for one hundred". It can be widely used in meat segmentation, glass processing, metal processing, petrochemical, disaster relief, fire rescue and other industries.


The mechanical hazards of cut-resistant gloves are graded from the following four basic standards: wear resistance, cut resistance, and tear resistance.


Mechanical hazards refer to hazards that may result from friction, cuts, tears and punctures. The four basic test properties that illustrate this standard are:


Abrasion resistance:  The number of turns of the glove material against repeated friction;  


Cut resistance:   The number of turns of the glove material against cutting objects;  


Tear resistance: i.e. how many units of force are required to tear a pre-cut hole in the glove material; 


Puncture resistance:   How much force is required to pierce the palm of the glove with the calibrated spikes.


From these standards, it can be divided into above A5 cut-resistant gloves and Below A5 cut-resistant gloves.


Gloves below A5 have a lower cut-resistance level, but the relative price will be lower, and in different scenarios, cut-resistance gloves below A5 can be used. If you need it, contact us.

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