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About anti vibration safety gloves

What is the Best Shock Resistant Material for Gloves


When it comes to choosing the best shock resistant material for gloves, leather with a Kevlar lining is a great option. These gloves offer excellent durability, great abrasion resistance, good dexterity and are flame and cut resistant. Another great choice is TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) which offers impact protection and performs well at a relatively low thickness. In addition, coated fabric gloves offer slip resistance and provide a great general purpose glove option. Chemical-resistant gloves can also be made from different kinds of rubber such as natural, butyl, neoprene, nitrile and fluorocarbon (viton) or various kinds of plastic. It's important to remember that if you are doing electrical work, you should avoid gloves with conductive materials like metal and opt for materials like leather or rubber instead.


Benefits of using anti vibration safety gloves


Using anti-vibration safety gloves can be highly beneficial to workers who use vibrating tools or equipment. These gloves are designed to absorb and dampen the vibrations that would otherwise affect a worker's hands. In addition, they can help keep hands warmer which improves blood flow and reduces the risk of fatigue.


The gloves also attenuate the vibration transmission between tool handles and workers' hands, thus reducing the vibration components at very high frequencies (≥500 Hz). Moreover, using low- or anti-vibration tools can also help reduce the frequency of vibrations that workers are exposed to.


Ultimately, anti-vibration safety gloves are an important form of personal protective equipment that can help protect workers from potential harm caused by vibrating tools and equipment.


China Anti Vibration Work Gloves Manufacturer


As a professional work gloves manufacturer, we have been worked in this area for more than 10 years. Our products mainly include anti-cut gloves, anti-impact gloves, anti-static gloves and so on. With the development of our company, we have built long-term cooperative relationships with many customers from all over the world.


If you are looking for a reliable and professional China Anti Vibration work gloves manufacturer, then you have come to the right place. We have been manufacturing and exporting work gloves for many years, and we have a wealth of experience in this field.


We have a wide range of Anti Vibration work gloves available, and our prices are very competitive. We also offer OEM services, so if you have your own brand or design, we can produce the gloves according to your specifications.


If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to cooperating with you!


What are Anti Vibration Gloves



Anti Vibration gloves are based on gauze gloves and leather gloves, and a certain thickness of foam plastic, latex and air sandwich synthetic rubber or foam rubber are added to the palm of the gloves to absorb vibration. In a cold environment, the above materials can also be added to the cold-proof gloves to play an Anti Vibration effect.


 Anti-Vibration Gloves

The Anti Vibration gloves should comply with the "General Technical Conditions for Anti Vibration Gloves". For example, the thickness of the Anti Vibration structure layer should not exceed 7mm, and a certain attenuation value should be achieved for different frequencies of vibration. According to different materials, Anti Vibration gloves can be divided into the following different types.



     Rubber tube type: that is, between each joint of the finger and the palm, a fixed rubber tube made of natural rubber is installed. The advantages are that it can absorb vibration, can bend, and has heat insulation and heat resistance, and is widely used.



     Sponge type: that is, install the sponge on the palm. If the sponge is thick, it can improve the effect of absorbing vibration, but if it is too thick, the resistance of the bending part will increase, which will hinder the operation, so it needs to be selected according to the work requirements.



     Air-eye type: This type of glove has low quality and good working performance, but if it is damaged by external force, its vibration absorption performance will be reduced, so it is not suitable for destructive work. The air eye is shared with the sponge. The air eye is easily damaged under the action of external force. Adding a sponge can effectively prevent this situation. It is characterized by high vibration absorption performance and easy use.



     Air type: This kind of glove uses a professional air pump to put air into the glove, and its performance is very superior. But if the air is too full, it is easy to break, so it is best to fill it up to seven points. Round rubber type, this kind of glove is to cut the rubber tube like the sucker of octopus short and install it on the nylon glove, which can avoid a certain degree of vibration. If you wear leather gloves, the effect will be more obvious.



     Cotton hood type: Even if two gloves are used together, they have little rebound after being compressed, and the effect of absorbing vibration is also small, so the expected effect cannot be obtained.

18G A4 Micro Foam Nitrile And Puncture Resistant Gloves


In addition, impact-resistant gloves and Anti Vibration gloves also have a lot in common. Its characteristics and application scenarios are also similar.


Anti-Impact Welding Gloves


The palm is made of flame-retardant leather, which improves the softness, dexterity and good grip. The palm is made of special materials, which will not melt and deform under high temperature for a long time, providing both shockproof and safe effects;



The fireproof material on the back of the hand has cutting resistance and flame retardancy, which can reach 1600 degrees without burning. The anti-collision block on the back of the hand has a certain impact protection, so that the wearer is safe without failure;



The wrist has an elastic design to ensure the comfort of wearing, while avoiding the falling of debris; The liner is made of cutting resistant flame retardant fabric, which is both cutting resistant and comfortable to wear. This product is a multi-functional glove, suitable for use in a variety of environments, and is the first choice for operators of electric welding, machinery, etc.



Characteristics of Impact Resistant Gloves



The anti impact protection system is used for the rescue gloves to effectively blow on a large area and quickly dissipate. While maintaining strong grip (outer layer); The appearance and interior seams realize double seam core covering wire, further increasing the durability and service life.



At the design level, the link between index finger and thumb is strengthened to extend the service life of gloves. The elastic Velcro wrist closure ensures the fit and comfort. The color matching increases the visual awareness.



Technical characteristics

-Good thermal stability

-Wear resistance

-Cutting resistance

-Tear resistance

-Mechanical puncture resistance

-Grasping performance

-Convenient and dexterous

-Wear quickly



Gloves CE certified Impact Test

 Worker Impact Resistant Work Gloves


1. Place a piece of soft split leather (0,8 – 1,0 mm, e.g. chamois) on the dome of the anvil with a radius of 100 mm. Position the sample in the center of the dome with the previously marked impact point.



2. A 2.5 kg striker with a flat surface of the striker is then raised to a height that provides the desired impact energy of 5 J ± 0.1 J upon contact with the specimen.



3. After the impactor is released, the peak force detected by the load cell or other sensors below the anvil will be recorded.



4. It also checks and records soft split leather for tears or holes.



China Impact Resistant Work Gloves Manufacturer



GIVEN SAFETY is a China Impact Resistant Work Gloves Company. Our impact resistant work gloves are often much thicker than normal gloves, use durable fabric and materials, such as tire tread and rubber, to insulate the fingers. The added insulation also cuts through vibrations, reducing the effects when using equipment.


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