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Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer of cut resistant gloves? If so, you can't go wrong with China A5-A9,Cut Level 5-9 Cut Resistant Gloves Manufacturer. We've been in business for over 10 years and have a reputation for producing high quality gloves that can stand up to the toughest working conditions.


China produces a variety of A5-A9,Cut Level 5-9 Cut Resistant Gloves for different purposes and industries. The gloves are made from different materials such as Kevlar, Nomex, and other high-strength synthetic fibers. The gloves are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. They are also available with or without fingers.


As a professional manufacturer of A5-A9,Cut Level 5-9 Cut Resistant Gloves, our company is committed to providing customers with the best products and services. We have a professional team with rich experience and advanced technology. We can provide you with high quality products and perfect after-sales service.


We have a wide range of products, complete specifications and reasonable prices. Our products are widely used in industry, agriculture, food processing and other fields. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you and create a better future together!


Introduction of Cut Resistant Gloves



Cut-resistant gloves are the most widely used. Cut-resistant gloves have super cut-resistant and wear-resistant properties, which can effectively protect users' hands from being stabbed, cut, and stabbed by sharp objects. They are widely used in meat cutting, glass processing, metal processing, fire rescue and other industries, is an important part of safety production.



Cut-resistant gloves are gloves that are difficult to cut and protect the opponent. Cut-resistant gloves have extraordinary cut-resistant performance and wear-resistant performance, making them high-quality hand labor protection products. The service life of a pair of cut-resistant gloves is equivalent to 500 pairs of ordinary thread gloves, which can be called "one for one hundred". It can be widely used in meat segmentation, glass processing, metal processing, petrochemical, disaster relief, fire rescue and other industries.



Performance of Cut-resistant Gloves



1, anti-cut, anti-stab, anti-skid, wear-resistant;



2, with super cutting resistance, wear resistance and puncture resistance;



3, can effectively protect human hands from being cut by sharp blades such as knives;



4. Excellent non-slip performance can protect objects from falling when grabbing.



Use of Cut-resistant Gloves



1. Wearing anti-cut gloves, you can grasp the edge of sharp instruments such as daggers and bayonets. Even if the knife is pulled out from your hands, it will not cut the gloves, and will not hurt your hands. It is a necessary equipment for public security, armed police, security and other industries to protect themselves and make achievements.


13G A5 Anti-Cut Gloves

2. Taxi drivers are also one of the high-risk occupations. Once they are robbed by gangsters, they may lose their cars and die. Equipped with cut-resistant gloves, the driver and friend have the confidence to subdue the gangster in an emergency, and they can seize the knife by surprise, which can not only protect themselves, but also subdue the gangster.



3. Cut-resistant gloves are also an essential self-defense product for employees in garment processing, meat processing plants and machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, construction, glass, sheet processing and other industries. They are petrochemical, smelting and mining, meat segmentation, metal processing, disaster relief, etc. Labor protection products for the industry.



Cut Resistant Glove Material



Most of the anti-cut gloves are made of high-strength fibers, commonly used aramid fibers, HPPE fibers, etc. Anti-cut gloves are generally used for protection in food processing and industrial production. The functionality of gloves is becoming more and more powerful, and the scenes of use have also become diversified.



Cut Resistant Material 1:Aramid



Aramid fiber is a high-performance man-made fiber with a relatively hard polymer chain molecular structure and very high thermal stability, so it can be used in many environments that require high temperature protection, and can withstand temperatures up to 500 ° C.

 Aramid Fiber Anti Cut Gloves



Characteristics of aramid fiber:

High strength, high wear resistance, high tear resistance

Good organic solvent tolerance


No melting point in case of fire

High thermal stability

Heat and flame resistance

low thermal conductivity



Given Safety aramid fiber glove product has F-class high anti-cut performance on the basis of providing thermal protection, and is suitable for automobile manufacturing, metal stamping and stamping workshop environments.



Cut Resistant Material 2:Steel fiber



Steel wire fibers are obtained from stainless steel materials and have high strength and cut resistance, but because they are much heavier than other fibers, they are often combined with other cut-resistant fiber materials to provide a high level of cut-resistant performance.



Characteristics of steel fiber:

High cut resistance

good corrosion resistance

performance lasts

heavier quality

hard texture



Given Safety Gloves obtain D-level anti-cutting protection by adding steel fibers without sacrificing comfort and flexibility, which can provide good cutting protection for sharp objects such as metal, glass, and blades.



Cut Resistant Material 3:Basalt fiber



Basalt fiber is extracted from broken basalt, and has better strength and higher acid, alkali and salt resistance than glass fiber.



Characteristics of basalt fiber:

natural flame retardant

High cut and tear strength

good wear resistance

Excellent acid and alkali resistance


Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

 Basalt Fiber Cut Resistant Gloves


Given Safety high-grade anti-cutting gloves add basalt fiber to obtain stable F-grade and E-grade high-grade cutting protection performance respectively.



Cut Resistant Material 4:Glass Fiber



Glass fiber is a well-known fiber type that is widely used in cut-resistant glove products. The glass fiber surface has a smooth and cool silk touch, and the woven glove provides high wearing comfort and user acceptance.



Characteristics of glass fiber:

Cut resistance

fire resistance

water resistance


lower price



Given Safety Cut Resistant Gloves that added with glass fiber are light and thin and have B-grade anti-cut performance protection. They feel cool and smooth, and have high wearing comfort.



Cut Resistant Material 5:High performance polyethylene fiber HPPE



HPPE fiber has ultra-high strength, the strength is about 15 times that of high-quality steel of the same quality. It is also flexible, lightweight and durable due to its low fiber density. According to the EN388:2016 standard, gloves made entirely of HPPE can generally achieve class B-C cut resistance.

 High performance polyethylene fiber HPPE Anti-Cut Gloves


Characteristics of HPPE fiber:

High strength and high modulus, high tensile strength

Low fiber density and light weight

Strong cutting resistance

Wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, seawater-resistant

UV and aging resistance

High impact resistance

Excellent low temperature performance



Level 1-5 Cut Resistant Gloves



Compliant gloves must be marked with a shield emblem with the image of a blacksmith's hammer and iron, and a protection level from 1 to 4, with a cut resistance rating of up to 5.



Level 1:


Mainly used for very low cutting risk. These gloves can protect your hands from light scratches from objects such as paper, but there is no guarantee that they will not be damaged by real blades. They are usually mainly used in jobs that do not involve sharp objects, such as in auto repair or landscaping work.



level 2:


Mainly used for low cutting risk. This is a good level of protection for most construction work, car assembly or packaging work.



Level 3:


Mainly used for medium cutting risk. Provides protection for light glass handling and metal stamping operations.



level 4:


Mainly used for high cutting risk. This includes most of the glass processing and metal stamping work, but also the food industry.



Level 5:


Primarily used for extreme cutting risks. These gloves are used in jobs involving very sharp blades, such as meat butchers, but also heavy metal stamping and flat glass work.



A1-A9 Cut Resistant Gloves


In 2016, American Standard ANSI 105 has also undergone an update. The original cut resistance rating was represented by 1-5 in the shield graphic, and now it is represented by "A1" to "A9". Similarly, the larger the number, the higher the cut resistance level.



A1-A9 Cut Resistant Gloves



But why update the classification method from 5 levels to 9 levels?



The reason is that with the birth of more new materials, careful classification is required to represent the cut resistance of gloves. In the new grading method, A1-A3 is basically the same as the original 1-3, but compared with the original 4-5, A4-A9 uses 6 grades to divide the range of the original 2 grades, which can resist the glove's resistance. Circumcision for a finer graded expression.



In ANSI standard, not only the expression of grade, but also the test method are updated. Originally, ASTM F1790-05 standard was used for testing, and it is allowed to test on TDM-100 machine (test method is called TDM TEST) or CPPT machine (test method is called COUP TEST). Now, ASTM F2992-15 standard is used, and only TDM TEST is allowed to test.



A1-A3 of the American standard and A-C of the European standard belong to the lower cut protection level, A4-A5 of the American standard and E of the European standard belong to the medium cutting protection level, and A6-A9 of the American standard and F of the European standard belong to the higher cutting protection level.



How To Choose The Appropriate Cut-resistant Gloves:



1. Confirm what hand hazards exist on the job site, whether to prevent sharp parts, sheet cuts, or prevent cuts and stab wounds from hand-held knives. If it is the former, refer to the EN388 standard, and if it is the latter, refer to the EN1082-1 standard.



2. Determine whether there are other requirements on the job site, whether there are requirements for waterproof, oil-proof, breathable, comfortable, wear-resistant, flexibility, size and other aspects.



3. Combine the above 2 points, and then choose the appropriate cut-resistant gloves according to the actual budget requirements.



Cleaning Precautions of Cut Resistant Gloves



1. Wash cut-resistant gloves with soapy water (50 degrees Celsius) or hot water (50 degrees Celsius) mixed with detergent, at least once a day.



2. Washed cut-resistant gloves should be stored in a cool and ventilated place.



3. Do not clean the steel wire gloves by beating with hard objects.



4. Avoid sharp objects from contacting the surface of the cut-resistant gloves as much as possible during use.



China Cut Resistant Gloves Manufacturer



GIVEN SAFETY, As a professional China Cut Resistant Gloves Manufacturer, produces gloves as A3-A9,Cut Level 1-9 Cut Resistant Gloves, which have features that make them difficult to cut, including the use of tough materials, reinforcements around the finger joints, and a grip on the back of the hand.



Given Safety has been committed to the research of new anti-cutting materials and the development of new anti-cutting products, aiming at high cutting grade, light weight and comfortable hand feeling, to create a new experience of non-touch hand protection for workers.  And the weight of the glove is about 30% lighter than the same kind of glove with the same cutting protection.

GIVEN SAFETY, As a professional China Cut Resistant Gloves Manufacturer, produces gloves as A3-A9,Cut Level 1-9 Cut Resistant Gloves, which have features that make them difficult to cut, including the use of tough materials, reinforcements around the finger joints, and a grip on the back of the hand.



Cut Resistant Gloves In Given Safety can be made of a variety of materials and are available in a variety of colors and sizes as they protect the wearer from cuts and other injuries. They can be used for a variety of tasks, such as gardening, cooking, and even working in the laboratory.



They are also suitable for people whose skin is easily irritated by irritating chemicals. There are many advantages to using anti cutting gloves when working in hazardous environments. First, they can protect hands from injury. Second, they can help prevent cutting your hands. Third, they keep their hands warm in the cold environment. Finally, they can protect hands from oil and other chemicals.


Click A1-A4 Cut Resistant Gloves(Cut Level 1-4 Cut Resistant Gloves), to get the below A5 Cut Resistant Gloves.

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